Sunday, December 4, 2011

Of Hearth and Home

Hi girlfriends--
Oh, it's that Sunday night malaise. No, no! Don't slip away, dear, comfy, happy weekend! The slow, inexorable, irreversible ticking of the clock towards Monday morning...

Here are a few pics from the past few days.
1. The Mormons let me craft with them! I love Mormons, even though I ain't one. Boy, can they wield a glue gun--with a firm hand and sweet smile.
This Peace sign (ha!) was our first Christmas decoration piece (again, ha!). We are still clinging on to Thanksgiving and all things pumpkin. 
2. Huge windstorm the other night--knocked out our power, blew pine needles all over our yard, and the pumpkins off their perches. But our big, old tree wasn't even fazed.
3. Speaking of pumpkins, we had a bunch for decorating for my birthday a few weeks ago, and this one, we've kept around inside.

Mainly because it was drawn on by our friend, an animator at Dreamworks (yeah! how awesome is that?). The other side is Puss in Boots, and I'm still not sure if I'm going to hawk if on Ebay or not.

'Course, now his face is starting to get a little sunken, so instead of throwing it away like normal people, we have decided to just turn that side towards the wall and look at Kung Fu Panda instead.
4. Still gardening. Still love it. Still not great at it.
5. More pumpkins at the front. Our friends even bought us that living lanterns plant on the left, which is amazing--like tiny Chinese lanterns that enclose juicy berries. Which are not very tasty. Can't tell you how I know.
6. More gardening. Witness the power of chicken manure! As if you didn't have enough um, manure in your life.

7. And our little Pumpkin head. She loves rolling these little pumpkinheads around. I guess it's high time we actually bought her a ball or something to play with. Baby can only eat leaves for so long.
8. She's walking lots with hands held and DID finally take 2 steps towards me the other day. I screamed with excitement and of course, then she sat down startled. And then started crying herself.
What an amazing parenting move, I tell ya. Happy Sunday night, girls!

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