Sunday, November 27, 2011

Black Weekend

Hi pals!
     Anyone else want their very soul and wallet and 2 hours waiting in line on Friday back? Just me? Ok. Well, sadly enough, I had to work extra excessive hours this whole week. It was grueling and ugly and exhausting. Which was probably a blessing in disguise--it kept me away from spending my life savings at Anthro.

     Except for that early morning Friday, that is. All those pretty sale items were just needing a HOME.

     Work was so nasty and stressful, I am toying with the idea of really cutting back from traditional "work."
     Especially since I want so much to spend time with Avery, and even though I had my amazing in-laws babysitting, I MISSED AVERY'S FIRST STEPS.
     I'm totally devastated. It's such a cliche (cue "Cat's in the Cradle" background music). I missed my baby's first steps because I was working (thank goodness she didn't walk while I was at Anthro--I REALLY would have fallen into a shame spiral).

     I know it's not that rare for working mothers everywhere to miss milestones. But is it worth it if you can avoid it somehow? The exchange of financial security and personal development for the loss of witnessing key moments of my child's life? Don't know. Still thinking. And maybe buying lotto tickets.


p.s. fyi, this blog may soon be known as walmartlife. thanks. cheers.


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  2. Ahh. I am sorry you missed her first steps. i am sure you will get to witness many more :) As a part time work from home/sahm, it is a hard decision to make at times. Here are my thoughts (which you can take with a grain of salt). 1. Do what works best for your family, and don't worry about what anyone else thinks. 2. You can always work on your career but you can only get a very short amount of time with your kids. They grow too quickly and you can't go you can go back to work. So, while my kids are little, I will stay with them as much as financially possible. But again, do what is best for your family.
    Any good black friday finds?

  3. Hi, I have been following your blog from other EA blogs and loving your anthro posts. I, too, have 2 kids and travel for work every 2 weeks for a week at a time. I have missed so many milestones and those do make me question if it's worth it, but bills need to be paid therefore i have to do it so they can have a nicer life. My sons are 4 yr and 1yr. i miss them terribly whenever i'm out of town. Just want to drop a line and say that you are not alone. BTW, i live in orange county area and too bad never been to anthro in la since looks like the one in santa monica looks big. My boys don't like shopping =) so i always go to anthro when i'm out of town or shop online.


  4. AM and Anny,
    Thanks so much for the encouraging words. AM--yes, I got some good loot. will have to post them when i have a moment. Anny, thanks for the boost. It's good to know I'm not alone. Cliche but true. Heartfelt thanks.