Thursday, December 1, 2011

Craft Corner: Felt Hair Clips

Hi dear friend!
     Is anyone else obsessed with Etsy and all the crafting magic churning through there? One of my favorite new things is that felt hair clips I've seen. This sundropclip woman (whose clip is seen above) was featured in Lucky mag already is a felt animal GENIUS. 
     All the felt animals in the felt animal kingdom eagerly await her artistry. 
     Myself, not being particularly artistic or Mormon, am not so skilled...yet. But I did venture a few items without the help of a cricut...

Don't laugh.
I gave this one to a dear friend, and she was very kind. She didn't giggle or even smirk.
The birdie, I gave to Avery who is my own little babybird. 'Course, Avery has feet. This poor wee animal was wingless and footless.Which WOULD make things easier I guess come bathtime...
Not perfect. But I'm gonna keep going. Check out some more on my Pinterest board DIY. 

More ideas than time, I tell ya! THAT should be Pinterest's logo. In addition to these. I am starting to think this blog needs to be renamed PinterestLife. Or Etsy/Pinterest/Amazon/MediocreGardeningLife.
What do you think?

Anywho, maybe we'll do a tutorial if anyone wants. If you all want to make baby clips that look like they were made by a cross-eyed, sedated 4 year old, well then, I will be happy to oblige!

On the work front, I am cutting back for December, and we'll see how it goes from there.

And thank you for all the encouraging, kind words, both public and private. It's always nice to hear it from those who have BEEN THERE.



  1. I think they're cute!!! Much better than anything i 'd come up with! But now you've made me want to try :-) Pinterest is so addicting, and I promise myself everytime I repin that I will actually attempt that project. Thing is... I never do. :/ thanks for the inspiration!