Thursday, December 8, 2011

Craft Corner: Wild Rosemary Wreath

Well, girls, we are now solidly in December!
With the holidays fast approaching, I'm trying to decorate the house with original and charming (read: inexpensive but beautiful) decorations for Baby's first Christmas. 

See what I did? First, I took a picture through the eye hole of our other door. jk. It's with a fish eye lens.

I already had this plastic mistletoe-esque wreath from last year. And we have a backyard full FULL of rosemary bushes, which are so fragrant and sprouting these delightful violet buds.

So we snapped a few branches off and used some yarn that our friend had left at our house (warning to all guests: if you ever leave anything cute or interesting at our house, you may find it incorporated into a plastic wreath from Target. That especially goes for children)

Behold. Ye olde plastic wreath.
So first off, get a good look at the wreath.

And now from its passenger side view.

Next, ravage your friendly neighborhood rosemary bush. I like the purple (verging on periwinkle, or azure, but not yet true blue) blossoms, so I searched out the ones that had those.

And also ones that didn't have spiders or bees.
Although, I did scare one bee off a branch. I don't know who was more traumatized--him or me.

Then, grab some twine, ribbon, or borrow some yarn from a crafty, artsy friend (hi Gabby!).

Make sure your Anthro catalog is lying nearby for inspiration. You never know when you need a quick Anthro-hit.
Then, start tucking the branches into the wreath, tying around the thickest part for sturdiness. Make sure your blossoms are facing up for the optimal charming effect.

I love that some of the blossoms are splaying outwards, lending to that wild, organic feel you can only get with... contrived art and plastic.
It feels so unplanned. I planned it that way.
Then, because I thought it would look even more wild and organic, I added my $4 Crate and Barrel bird ornament, buy here.


  1. Looks great and bet it smells even better! The bird gives it the perfect final touch. Will be waiting for your etsy shop announcement one of these days.

  2. I can't even tell that's part plastic! Looks amazing! I've been wanting to make my own wreath for years, but never get around to it. Maybe now with a little Shiela-spiration, I just might!

  3. Shelia-spiration* - now I feel like a jerk for spelling your name wrong :(

  4. grace--come over! it does smell awesome. we can make another one.
    aimee--you are so sweet. don't worry--i have had a lifetime of my name misspelled. i'm sure you have, too! i like yours much better than the usual a-m-y.

  5. I have seen this wreath in person, and calling it "great" is an understatement. It now has just the right amount of organic flair, and the little felt C&B bird adds character and interest... so cute. Until our little cross-the-street neighbor boy steals it. "Pretty bird..."