Friday, February 25, 2011

Anthro for AHEM! Stars and Fitting Room Review

Sensational much? (addendum: I actually just edited the title. too much. so sue me, 1st ammendment advocates!)

Really, this is a family-blog. The title simply refers to the uh, changes that one's um, body goes through when one has been subjected to pregnancy, a c-section, and the determination to nurse one's child, despite the inherent perils.
Changes that perhaps would allow one to be employed in the adult film industry. Or at least at Hooter's.

Anywhooo, I tried on the Sunny Soiree dress, which reminded me a bit of the Sound of Music. Part Maria and part Baroness Schraeder, but all ruffly and a bit fussy.
Can't say I loved it, especially since the fabric is just 100% cotton, so it doesn't necessarily give or sculpt or support much. 


Thank goodness for jersey and stretch-enabled apparel. Even though I have now upped 2 or 3 (yep! I says THREE!) cup sizes, I am able to still fit/squeeze into most of the tops that were not too structured to begin with.

Thus, leading me to believe that if I ever had another body enhancing event (pregnancy, boob job, a long and intimate encounter with Cheddar Jalapeno Cheetos), I could still keep truckin' with my present wardrobe. Hopefully.

'Course, the pants are another story.

Well, here's quick and dirty from the rest of my first fitting room review since Avery appeared on the scene (she was home with Grandma, not hanging out with the SA's. Although maybe someday?).

 Wearing into Anthro:
Anthro circa '08 sweatshirt/cardi
Anthro Tracy Reese top
F21 Stretch Olive cords
 I had to try on the Silene Tee.
 I still fit in an XS, and I love the tapered fluttery edges. It's a nice lightweight fabric, with a beautiful graphic print. However, with the darker navy edging around the neck and the lighter balance being on the bottom, I don't think this is very flattering. Still, I love the silhouette.

 I also tried on and picked up a coupla sale items. I LOVE almost anything Deletta and Edme make. These tees notwithstanding.

 Couldn't swallow the price tag on this awesome Augden sweater. I must have totally missed it when it was full price--even on sale, it's a bit of a stinker. But so beautifully knit. The only reason why it's still hanging in the sale room I'm guessing is because of a small hole near the front buttons. It fits TTS, if anyone wants it, it's at the Del Amo, CA store. 

Last item I tried on was Maeve's Wisteria Halter Dress. I think I had seen some other blogger's reviews, and thought it looked so fresh and springy in the store.
Also, I love the canvas-like neck strap detail. It looks very organic and increases the whole natural "picking daisies in a meadow" aspect of this dress. 

'Course, with the new, ahem, changes. Not very flattering. I tried on a 4, after not being able to squeeze into a 2. The dress could probably do with a more defined waistline, but that may just be me.
I found the proportions to be a bit awkward, but wish I could try this on as my pre-Avery self to make sure.
Still went home with some great buys after returning all the stuff I haven't been wearing. And had an serendipitous pair of skinny black AG cords plopped into my lap. For 10 bucks. Yeah. TEN BUCKS at Anthro. I'll tell you about it next time. I'm still reeling. And grinning.

Anthro Wedding

My friend Kat is getting married (huzzah!) and I've been trying to help out by scoping out Anthro-type decorations and giving all sorts of unsolicited advice (i.e. no vows in the form of haiku, rap, or interpretive dance--it's all been SO overdone).

She sent me the link to the above, Paul and Stacy's wedding, which I found breathtaking. Pheeeeew. That was my breath being taken away. UH-MAZ-ING.

This is what I sent Kat--some cool decor ideas from my local Anthro store. Don't you just love the petals? They're made from cardstock type paper, and are roughly the size of my torso. After eating my way through several dozen Krispy Kremes. 

Even the dresses made from crepe paper hanging in Anthro's display window. Simply but surprisingly well constructed. And probably just FINE for a late-night or two down on Sunset boulevard or a summer wedding. I mean, come on.
'Course, it just takes a little sprinkling and it's game OVER. 

Hey girls, any other elegant wedding decor ideas for Kat that won't break the bank?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

OOTD on the Lawn

Early February in SoCal has been unseasonably warm. And since Avery feels cooped up inside, we have been sitting out on the lawn, sunbathing, and leisurely gossiping about Justin Bieber.

She thinks he's overrated as a boy phenom (nothing like the vocal calibre of NKOTB's Joey McIntyre), but is still impressed by his ability to transcend his small-town background to become a world-class star while remaining disarmingly down-to-earth.
She also wouldn't mind seeing "Never Say Never" but doesn't want to be seen in public watching it, so we've agreed to just wait for it on DVD. If they would just hurry up the release. We don't have all day, you know.

Cardigan: H&M pale yellow Cardi
Top: Mossimo for Target
Pants: F21 Olive Velveteen Stretch
Socks: Target

Baby Gap pants and sweater
Gerber Onesie
Socks: gifted
Blankie: gifted

I know--so lame. For a website called Anthrolife, there is nary an item from Anthro.
Oh, about that. Avery would like to bare her soul (and belly) and tell you that she is disappointed with some of the items Anthro has been putting out lately.

Enough with the Maxi dress, sheesh. And too many stripes. Gosh, Anthro--get yourselves together. Bring back the Babergh dress, already, if you're out of good ideas!

She tends to get a little grumpy in between meals.

We are enjoying our day, nonetheless. Happy Sunday!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Daze

A warm, happy and lovely Valentine's day to you, my friends. I've spent several of my precious leisure minutes today reading other V-day blog posts and really enjoyed the focus of love, friendship, and family. These warm and color our days, don't they?

Otherwise, I spent the bulk of today with my favorite girls--my mom and my daughter (wow! THAT feels weird). Mainly, because Chris is out of town until late tonight. We usually celebrate Valentine's day together, but this year, he was in New York on business, staying at a posh hotel BY HIMSELF, the weasel.

When he comes home tonight, this is what he will see:

No, he will never wear the Captain America tighty briefs. But I found them hilarious. And they were 8 bucks at Target. All the books were topical and appropriate for my V-day display to greet him when he arrives home, poor weary traveler. And the pictures span from our early years, before marriage and our squawking, squeaking infant. Speaking of which...

From left:
Jo Frost (SUPERNANNY), Confident Baby Care: We used to watch Supernanny together, while we were dating. I know, I know--RED hot, right? Admittedly, not the most romantic show for a couple's night out. But one that allowed us to discuss our future parenting styles casually, without even mentioning the M word. Mackerels? Mathematics? Mystification? No. Marriage. Which he never ACTUALLY mentioned until the day he proposed. AGAIN, the weasel.

The Pursuit of Love: On the recommendation of In Pursuit of Pretty Things' Carol, I read this book. Or let's say, started it. And then promptly lost it, as I have been wont to do with library books, ever since I was 6 years old. THEN, I used to apply for another library card under another name. NO JOKE. By now, I owe the City of San Francisco about $7000 in library fines, I'm sure. Sorry SF! Go Niners! Cheers!
Well, I finally found it, buried under a stack of bills. But not before I racked up another $17 in late fees. So I'm bound and determined to read it (now that I've renewed it), and since it looks lovey-dovey, I included it in the display.

LOVE: This only-slightly-sappy collection of essays, poems, quotes "came" from Anthro. As with many of Anthro's books, I highly enjoyed them while browsing through the store. Then went home and promptly ordered it from Amazon. Love leafing through it, especially today. It has gems like:
"To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance."--Oscar Wilde

Lance Armstrong's Performance Training Program: Um, only the hottest bodice-ripper romance novel, EVER. Or just what turns my husband's proverbial (or mechanical?) crank, let's say. He's an avid biker. Road, mountain, beach. He has 8--7 in the garage (the tandem counts as 2), and one has a place, literally, below our mantel. It's a disease. And the only prescription is more cowbell.

Well, girls, hope you all have a lovely and loving V-day, spent with your favorite person or at least top three. Chris is coming home soon from the airport, he just texted. So, in a little while, I will have, too.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Getting Hitched, Anthro-style: BHLDN

Addendum: Whoa. I just looked at Anthroholic, after I posted my post. I guess she and I were drinking the same Kool-Aid. Except my Kool-Aid was spiked and I was half-asleep to begin with.

Has anyone else checked out the BHLDN site? I just sat through its promo site, which was beautifully executed. Looks to be full of vintage-type glam, gorgeous fabrics, unique prints. All that you would expect from Anthro.

Mainly had snaps of wedding dresses, not a lot of their partywear.

Don't you wish weddings weren't just once (or twice or hey, a few times) in a lifetime events? I wish I could stage my wedding all over again, if JUST to have a dress from Anthro. And if JUST to blow a couple thousand imaginary dollars that I have sitting around.

Anyone getting married this year? Besides Kim? I would love to see lots of Anthro-wedding styles...

Friday, February 4, 2011

The Last Thing This World Needs another fawning mommy blog. But it's so hard not to talk about the one thing that now consumes your entire day and several miserable hours at night.

AND who is constantly attached to your chest.

I can at least promise to be completely objective when it comes to the CUTEST baby ever. Ok, at least top 5?

     Avery turned 4 weeks today. She's doing well, although has become a screamer, particularly after 5 pm. For several hours. Nonstop. We have repeatedly offered her food, money, securities. To no avail.

     To escape the screaming for a bit, I went to Anthro on Tuesday (happy belated Tuesday, everyone, btw) for the first time in many a week. My mom babysat and had literally pushed me out the door, since I was obviously going a little nuts.

     Sweet freedom smells a lot like red Volcano candles. 

     I didn't try anything on except for the Best of the Bunch cardigan I had blogged about earlier.  Not great. At least, not great on a postpartum body that is still blumpy and hunched over a little bit from the healing incision of my c-section.

     Which HAD been a huge gaping wound. You think I jest? Assuredly not. But I won't horrify you or my mother with pictures.  Let's just suffice to say, we're getting better. And not looking forward to childbirth again, any time soon.
     Ok, enough about that. More clothes and jewelry and less screaming and gaping wounds!

     Thus, my battle cry and new year's toast for 2011.