Friday, February 4, 2011

The Last Thing This World Needs another fawning mommy blog. But it's so hard not to talk about the one thing that now consumes your entire day and several miserable hours at night.

AND who is constantly attached to your chest.

I can at least promise to be completely objective when it comes to the CUTEST baby ever. Ok, at least top 5?

     Avery turned 4 weeks today. She's doing well, although has become a screamer, particularly after 5 pm. For several hours. Nonstop. We have repeatedly offered her food, money, securities. To no avail.

     To escape the screaming for a bit, I went to Anthro on Tuesday (happy belated Tuesday, everyone, btw) for the first time in many a week. My mom babysat and had literally pushed me out the door, since I was obviously going a little nuts.

     Sweet freedom smells a lot like red Volcano candles. 

     I didn't try anything on except for the Best of the Bunch cardigan I had blogged about earlier.  Not great. At least, not great on a postpartum body that is still blumpy and hunched over a little bit from the healing incision of my c-section.

     Which HAD been a huge gaping wound. You think I jest? Assuredly not. But I won't horrify you or my mother with pictures.  Let's just suffice to say, we're getting better. And not looking forward to childbirth again, any time soon.
     Ok, enough about that. More clothes and jewelry and less screaming and gaping wounds!

     Thus, my battle cry and new year's toast for 2011.


  1. Congrats Shelia! Your baby is just precious!

  2. Avery is so darn cute! I remember swaddling! Those arms, or at least my boys arms, always find a way out! Keep enjoying these moments, and yes, do take time for yourself!

  3. that is the BEST swaddle blanket! it has been through many babes... Olive, Cece, Griff, and now Avery! :) how sweet!

  4. She's so cute! My son went through the 5pm-screaming phase. My husband would walk in the door at 6pm and I would just hand the baby over and walk out without a word. It seems like a lifetime ago (he's 10.5 and my daughter is 6.5). It's a phase and will suddenly end right when you think you're about to break. Hang in there and make time for yourself!

    Mint Chutney

  5. thanks girls.
    gemma--i've had to double swaddle! still, the rascal finds a way out.
    abby! so happy the swaddle has been well used. much love and much poop. how's griff?
    mint--i'm so glad to hear it--i'm not the only one who is DYING for hubby to come home for the handoff. like a ticking bomb!

  6. yes, the miracle blanket is ACTUALLY a miracle :) the only one Griff couldn't get out of!

    Griff is great, getting so big and learning so much! (also knocking over the occasional lamp at N's... :( oh dear)