Friday, February 25, 2011

Anthro Wedding

My friend Kat is getting married (huzzah!) and I've been trying to help out by scoping out Anthro-type decorations and giving all sorts of unsolicited advice (i.e. no vows in the form of haiku, rap, or interpretive dance--it's all been SO overdone).

She sent me the link to the above, Paul and Stacy's wedding, which I found breathtaking. Pheeeeew. That was my breath being taken away. UH-MAZ-ING.

This is what I sent Kat--some cool decor ideas from my local Anthro store. Don't you just love the petals? They're made from cardstock type paper, and are roughly the size of my torso. After eating my way through several dozen Krispy Kremes. 

Even the dresses made from crepe paper hanging in Anthro's display window. Simply but surprisingly well constructed. And probably just FINE for a late-night or two down on Sunset boulevard or a summer wedding. I mean, come on.
'Course, it just takes a little sprinkling and it's game OVER. 

Hey girls, any other elegant wedding decor ideas for Kat that won't break the bank?

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