Monday, February 7, 2011

Getting Hitched, Anthro-style: BHLDN

Addendum: Whoa. I just looked at Anthroholic, after I posted my post. I guess she and I were drinking the same Kool-Aid. Except my Kool-Aid was spiked and I was half-asleep to begin with.

Has anyone else checked out the BHLDN site? I just sat through its promo site, which was beautifully executed. Looks to be full of vintage-type glam, gorgeous fabrics, unique prints. All that you would expect from Anthro.

Mainly had snaps of wedding dresses, not a lot of their partywear.

Don't you wish weddings weren't just once (or twice or hey, a few times) in a lifetime events? I wish I could stage my wedding all over again, if JUST to have a dress from Anthro. And if JUST to blow a couple thousand imaginary dollars that I have sitting around.

Anyone getting married this year? Besides Kim? I would love to see lots of Anthro-wedding styles...

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  1. I loveeeeeeeth!!! I follow their (BHLDN) tweets. I can't believe JCREW bride and BHLDN did not exist when I got married. Oh well, I loved my Pucci dress :)). I would love to see anthro wedding styles!