Sunday, February 20, 2011

OOTD on the Lawn

Early February in SoCal has been unseasonably warm. And since Avery feels cooped up inside, we have been sitting out on the lawn, sunbathing, and leisurely gossiping about Justin Bieber.

She thinks he's overrated as a boy phenom (nothing like the vocal calibre of NKOTB's Joey McIntyre), but is still impressed by his ability to transcend his small-town background to become a world-class star while remaining disarmingly down-to-earth.
She also wouldn't mind seeing "Never Say Never" but doesn't want to be seen in public watching it, so we've agreed to just wait for it on DVD. If they would just hurry up the release. We don't have all day, you know.

Cardigan: H&M pale yellow Cardi
Top: Mossimo for Target
Pants: F21 Olive Velveteen Stretch
Socks: Target

Baby Gap pants and sweater
Gerber Onesie
Socks: gifted
Blankie: gifted

I know--so lame. For a website called Anthrolife, there is nary an item from Anthro.
Oh, about that. Avery would like to bare her soul (and belly) and tell you that she is disappointed with some of the items Anthro has been putting out lately.

Enough with the Maxi dress, sheesh. And too many stripes. Gosh, Anthro--get yourselves together. Bring back the Babergh dress, already, if you're out of good ideas!

She tends to get a little grumpy in between meals.

We are enjoying our day, nonetheless. Happy Sunday!


  1. This was such a sweet post! Avery is adorable!

  2. Shelia, I loved reading this post while watching you two soaking up some sun on the loan. Avery is just amazing, and I can't wait to see more of her on the blog. I heart your socks, and kind of agree with you on the lack of creativity on Anthro's part. There's a few items that have captured my attention, but the rest has left nothing to the imagination.
    You look great by the way, and give me much hope that when I get pregnant I wont be a big ball of mess!

  3. Shelia, you don't even LOOK like you had a baby a month ago! Holy cow woman, you look INCREDIBLE! :)

  4. Thanks, girls.
    Dea--Girlfriend! Isn't Target the best? Well, for socks, anyway. I guarantee with your lean body type, you'll bounce back even faster than me! I'm almost there--just about 7 lbs to go.
    Abby! thanks--we're enjoying these early weeks. Loving the hooded towel, btdub.

  5. ahh, you look ah-mazing! And Avery such a dahling :)). Well I can get you a Never say never DVD shipped from either Philippines or China. jk :)). And that babergh dress.. yes Anthro since target is bringing back "go international" (Rodarte, Proenza Schouler, Tara Jarmon and Zac Posen)next month, I think Anthro can bring the babergh dress back. Have a good one!