Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Daze

A warm, happy and lovely Valentine's day to you, my friends. I've spent several of my precious leisure minutes today reading other V-day blog posts and really enjoyed the focus of love, friendship, and family. These warm and color our days, don't they?

Otherwise, I spent the bulk of today with my favorite girls--my mom and my daughter (wow! THAT feels weird). Mainly, because Chris is out of town until late tonight. We usually celebrate Valentine's day together, but this year, he was in New York on business, staying at a posh hotel BY HIMSELF, the weasel.

When he comes home tonight, this is what he will see:

No, he will never wear the Captain America tighty briefs. But I found them hilarious. And they were 8 bucks at Target. All the books were topical and appropriate for my V-day display to greet him when he arrives home, poor weary traveler. And the pictures span from our early years, before marriage and our squawking, squeaking infant. Speaking of which...

From left:
Jo Frost (SUPERNANNY), Confident Baby Care: We used to watch Supernanny together, while we were dating. I know, I know--RED hot, right? Admittedly, not the most romantic show for a couple's night out. But one that allowed us to discuss our future parenting styles casually, without even mentioning the M word. Mackerels? Mathematics? Mystification? No. Marriage. Which he never ACTUALLY mentioned until the day he proposed. AGAIN, the weasel.

The Pursuit of Love: On the recommendation of In Pursuit of Pretty Things' Carol, I read this book. Or let's say, started it. And then promptly lost it, as I have been wont to do with library books, ever since I was 6 years old. THEN, I used to apply for another library card under another name. NO JOKE. By now, I owe the City of San Francisco about $7000 in library fines, I'm sure. Sorry SF! Go Niners! Cheers!
Well, I finally found it, buried under a stack of bills. But not before I racked up another $17 in late fees. So I'm bound and determined to read it (now that I've renewed it), and since it looks lovey-dovey, I included it in the display.

LOVE: This only-slightly-sappy collection of essays, poems, quotes "came" from Anthro. As with many of Anthro's books, I highly enjoyed them while browsing through the store. Then went home and promptly ordered it from Amazon. Love leafing through it, especially today. It has gems like:
"To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance."--Oscar Wilde

Lance Armstrong's Performance Training Program: Um, only the hottest bodice-ripper romance novel, EVER. Or just what turns my husband's proverbial (or mechanical?) crank, let's say. He's an avid biker. Road, mountain, beach. He has 8--7 in the garage (the tandem counts as 2), and one has a place, literally, below our mantel. It's a disease. And the only prescription is more cowbell.

Well, girls, hope you all have a lovely and loving V-day, spent with your favorite person or at least top three. Chris is coming home soon from the airport, he just texted. So, in a little while, I will have, too.

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