Friday, August 6, 2010

Prada and the Triumphant Return

Happy Weekend, Anthrophiles! I finally mustered up the courage and anti-nausea medication to return to Anthro with trembling brow and pounding heart.

Ever since the 2nd trimester began a few weeks ago, I've felt better and better. Thank you for all your kind encouragement, especially you moms out there who went through the same wonderland/horror show. 

Well, the good news is, when I returned, I was surrounded by friends and Anthrofans. Lisa and Julie are pictured--Brenda and Michelle are not.

We trooped down from Julie's house to the local store, not more than 1 mile away (speaking of Anthrofans, Julie deserves her own webpage--the SA's all know her by name and send her HANDWRITTEN CARDS WHEN SHE HASN'T BEEN IN FOR 3 DAYS)

This particular store in Corona, CA was designed by Prada. So amazing upon crazy amazing. From the terrarium in the middle of the store, to the extra-architectural build-ins along each wall, it was even cooler than the usual fare.

Never met a bottle-cap shelled snail I didn't like.

A room full of drawers. And drawers full of knobs. Surrounded by black beans. Bizarre but true. And truly beautiful.

Dimpled Cardigan, $98.
I LOVEd this sweater. I know you can't tell from this photo, but it's so very soft and cuddly and much like a wrap-around teddy bear. It's got an inner stretchy spandex layer with an empire waist tie that keeps things together.

Of course, the ruffly imprinted designs are the most eye-catching part of this sweater. It seemed well worth the steep price. I had to go home with it.

From-the-Poles Jacket, $128.

Um, Charlie and Robin strike again. I don't know if it's Charlie? or Robin. Someone over there is a freakin' design genius.

HOWEVER. The zipper on this beautiful sweater would. not. close. It was clenching its proverbial teeth.

I looked up the reviews on the Anthro site, and it seems like some reviewers had the same thing to say.

But LOVE the piping, the fabric, although thin, and the ruffle around the collar. All adorable without being too precious.

Oh, Anthro, how I've missed thee! And I didn't even have to dry heave in the store to prove it! BONUS.


  1. I didn't know you were preggos shelia, congrats lady!! I'm sorry you haven't been feeling your best but it looks like a trip to anthro did the trip and perked you right up!

  2. yummy! we stopped by that store on the way back to san diego in June....and got there at 7:15...they closed at 7!!!!! So THANK you for the photos!! I was pressing my nose up against the window trying to see all of the gorgeousness!! LOVE that cardi on you.. I want in Navy!!!


  3. our first anthro shopping was so precious and memorable. i'm so happy you loved "my anthro" :).

  4. Dea, thanks, girl. Love the new look of your blog, btw.
    Barb, this store is AMAZING! you'll def have to go by there again. we scooted in 10 minutes before closing, so it was perfect timing. And you know they don't kick you out once you're inside...

  5. Congratulations on your impending motherhood!!

    I love that first wrap sweater. The details make it worth the FP tag. What a lovely store!

  6. Love how you describe your cardigan as a "wrap around teddy bear"-it looks great too!:)