Sunday, August 22, 2010

Battle of the Boots

Aside from Florence, Italy at sunset, I don't think I've ever seen anything more beautiful than these 2 pairs of boots. The Loose Rein Boots for $268 and the Bowtied-Beauty for $248.

I'm so torn between the perfectly ruffled elegance of the LRB (which is the most amazing color) and the insanely adorable bowties on the BBB. So darn cute you could throw them over your shoulder and burp them.  

Anybody else feeling a booty call?


  1. The Loose Rein Boots are gorgeous and I've been checking them out almost daily. it's so hard for me to find a perfect pair of boots though. i don't own a single pair (crazy, i know) so when i do get my first pair i want them to be absolutely everything i have envisioned. i hope it happens for me this fall!

    i like the bowtied-beauty boots, but i like the color of the Loose Rein better. They seem like they'd do with more.

  2. aimee--i am leaning towards the loose reins--you gotta get on the boot train, girl!!

  3. As you are growing a little human inside you, I think that you can justify buying yourself BOTH pairs!!! You deserve em' :)

  4. jenn g--you have wisdom of the ages, and i recognize the TRUTH in what you have just said. will definitely consider. bless you!!!