Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Scooter, the Cross-Dresser

As most of you know, I'm pregnant and we're due 1/11/11. That makes me about 20 weeks along, now.

Well, Chris and I have been calling our unborn baby, Scooter, i.e. "Scooter's kicking!" and "Scooter's pressing on my bladder" and "Scooter needs some Haagen Daas, RIGHT NOW," etc.

Especially after I snuck an unauthorized 14 week ultrasound (I work in a hospital, and have a friend who is an ultrasound technician, so this was NOT read by a radiologist) which showed that Scooter was a boy.

He had his legs WIDE OPEN, and was waving around what looked DEFINITELY, oh ho! like a "boy flag." Twig, berries. Check, and CHECK.

BTW, you probably want to turn your volume down if you watch this clip.

There is hysterical screaming near the end, and possibly the use of the term "wee wee" and lots of "OH MY GOD!!!!" (sorry--very excitable ultrasound tech, ahem).

That was about a month ago, and when we went for our OFFICIAL ultrasound Friday, we were very ho-hum.

Did we want to know the gender, the ultrasound tech wanted to know. Oh, sure--we already know...

So she said, "You know, then, that it's a GIRL?"

"!!!" (hysterical laughter, babbling, more hysterical laughter, hyperventilating)

It's been confirmed by the OB, too, who reprimanded us against unofficial, underground ultrasounds and the heartache and unnecessary blue bootie shopping they lead to. BE YE WARNED.

Well, Anthro, I'm shopping for Scootie come December, now that she has become a Scoot-her. Very excited. Slightly dazed and confused, since I was totally in the boy state of mind, but can definitely enjoy my new little Anthro-shebuddy.

Anthro-friends! WE'RE HAVING A GIRL!!! we think--hopefully, gender identity crisis is over.


  1. congrats! as a mother of two girls (and no bias here), you're gonna love having a girl! think of how much more fun it'll be to shop for her. i am really excited for you guys

  2. Congratulations, Shelia!! This is such a neat story :)

  3. Congratulations! I'm a new reader and I just love hearing pregnancy stories. I had a little girl 15 months ago and we also thought it was going to be a boy and later found out it was a girl. Let me say, girls are little darlings.
    20 weeks - you are halfway there. Enjoy this time, before long, your little one will be out :)

  4. Eek! What a story! This is such a special time, enjoy it! I am so happy for you and your Scooter-ette. :)

  5. That's crazy! I love the videos! You're going to have so much fun with a little girl!

  6. Yay! Friend of mine also had a sonogram from a friend who was her unofficial u.s. tech. They said she was having a girl, she ended up with her 3rd boy! Congrats to you and your new "Anthro-shebuddy". I have designated my almost 5 year old boy as my Anthro shopping buddy. He was holding some pillows and broke a candle in the store. He now keeps trying to designate my 3 year old boy as my new Anthro shopping buddy.

    Have fun and enjoy your pregnancy!

  7. sylvs--thanks. good to hear it from a veteran!
    sleepless--welcome! peeked at your blog and loved your wedding pics especially!
    katie and janice--thanks!!
    gemma--i love that your 5 y/o boy is your shopping buddy. just the thought of him trying to pass the buck cracks me up!!

  8. YEAH CONGRATS! Don't return your blue booties just yet-- nothing's 100%! Your blog always makes me laugh, but this was absolutely hilarious! Love the excitement in your voice in both clips. congrats- am SO EXCITED for you guys.

  9. Hi! I found out I am pregnant about the same time as you, and was glad another Anthro-lover is in the same situation! This is my first, and while everyone around me told me they had intuitions that I was having a boy, I just found out the other day at my U/S that I'm having a little girl! I laughed when I read your experience!
    Congrats on your pregnancy!