Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Self Indulgence Rei(g)ns

Self Indulgent Ways to Spend Your Day Off

1. BUY those outrageously expensive (egged on by blogging friends and boot lust) Loose Rein boots, giggling nervously when you click "Confirm."

2. Watch 3 Gilmore Girls reruns--why are there no other shows on TV that have clever and fast-paced dialogue?

3. Read the last triumphant, exhilarating 30 pages of Watership Down AGAIN. Really. Don't knock it til you've tried it.

4. Sit still for a few moments, gazing in wonder as your belly twitches when Scoot-her kicks up a storm. Whoa. Feel amazed and a bit intruded upon.

5. Eat 2 Chocolate Garden truffles, one Hazelnut and one Dark Chocolate. Savor both and consider a third but opt for Cheddar and Sour Cream Ruffles instead.

6. Get out of pajamas in order to trot over to Anthropologie, since it IS tuesday, after all. Even though there are no new sale items. JERKS!!

7. Watch your favorite blogger, Dooce's newest video post with all the dancing which makes me want to reenact Step Up. LOVE all those movies.

8. Watch sappy love story videos from facebook pals, while bawling hysterically, as only an overly hormonalized woman can.

9. SOB. when you see this one--as you would expect a pregnant woman to do when she sees a loving, sappy father hopelessly wrapped around his little girl's finger.

9. Ask you guys to tell me how you spend your days off?


  1. LOVE that you bought the boots - keep an eye on the other onces and get yourself a pair if they go on sale :) I spend my days off enjoying time with my sweet 14 month old, hubby and goofy dog - I LOVE my life :)

  2. i have my eye on those boots too :)...can't wait for the labor day sale at anthro tom. looking forward to our crafting, eating and shopping at anthro day soon.

  3. Those boots are on my wishlist. I'm afraid though since I'm a shortie, they'll be over the knee boots! :)

    Those truffles look yummy! I don't think I ever have a day off with my 2 little boys! But I sure can ignore them for a good Anthro sale! Did you score anything from today's sale?

  4. I just bought those boots too! The color will go with so many things. I am a mom so I never have a day off....lol! You'll see :)

  5. jenn g--man, your life DOES sound pretty sweet! i think i love your life too! and i definitely need a goofy dog.
    jules--when are you free? i will have to find some time to come down and anthro-hop with you.
    gemma--i DID score at the sale. will post soon.
    carrie--that sounds so true. and ominous. but looking fwd! thanks!!