Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Past year

Does anyone else use the "past 12 months" function on their Mac to see what they were doing a year ago in photos?
 Avery had a bowl cut and a case of the giggles. To be fair, the feeling of fake satin on the skin IS rather silly. Although I thought her outfit for Chinese New Year to be quite dapper.

 We made felts from, well, felts from Joanne's. I cut out all these shapes myself, except for the precuts of the monkeys, puppies and frogs at the bottom. See, Mom, I CAN be an artist.

Another hohum day in Southern California--rippin' around on the Dumbo ride at Disneyland. Yes, my face is rather full here, I was 8 months pregnant. I had just had a Haagen Dazs toffee ice cream bar and had plans for a few more.

And now, here we are with my new little pumpkin, Cami. She's almost 8 months old, crawling, pulling to stand and generally being so sweet and funny. Can't stand how lovable and precious she is--I find myself nestling my nose in her chubby cheeks and neck half the day.

Avery loves her, she loves Avery and I love them both, although I do find myself playing hysterical defensive linebacker a lot now, as Avery will strangle her (with affection) if I turn my head for 2 seconds.

'Course, lately, come night time, all those loving memories almost dissolve as she screams for 45 minutes. Teething. It ain't no joke.