Thursday, April 29, 2010

what i found in the sale room--plus options layered on

hey, you guys! hope everyone is having an amazing week.
i promised awesome daily reader elizabeth (happy thursday, elizabeth!), that i would post some pics of my new avenue of laces top that i bought a few weeks ago. so i am wearing above:

long sleeve tee: f21 in grey
pants: daughters of liberation, anthro in burgandy (super soft!)
top: ave of laces top
shoes: rocketdog

option 1: then i added this f21 knit vest in black.

it's finely woven, with a racerback neckline that can be seen better here (see 4th picture from top).

i love the thin belt and the angled edges at the hem. it's also lightweight and gives a bit of a waistline when you need one.

option 2: and THEN, i tried it on with this f21 black vest (it is a little odd having that sash at the waist of the top, but i kind of like the fact that the color ties it all together).

the vest is a wool blend, so pretty structured (i.e. i didn't have to suck in as much after lunch) and surprisingly flattering since it nips in at the waist and the shoulders flare out, reminiscent of star trek's next generation.

option 3: well! of course, then i had to have my tea-party (gastronomical that is, not political) option.
another f21 special. it's a knockoff of coco chanel's cute little houndstooth jackets.

i love layering the differing textures, colors, and shapes. it lends a prim air, yet isn't too stiff to hang out at the mall (after gorging on miniature cucumber sandwiches).

whaddya think, elizabeth? send pics of your outfit, too!

okey doke. moving onto other sale captures and conquests!

i picked up this tracy reece plenty top for 9.99! yup, somebody in LA likes me--and thankfully, she wears my size and loves to make returns.

i think i'm gonna call her Ofelia. thanks, ofie!

wasn't too sure about the colors initially, but WAS sure about that price tag. who loves an anthro bargain? THIS GIRL!

plus, after about mmmm, 2 minutes?

i started to really like the colors, especially since the fabrics are super soft, and the shirt is beautifully cut, has delicate little strings to tie at the neck, and generally makes you feel ready to go antiquing in a parisian flea market with keith johnson.

smooches, KJ!

and then!! i reverted back to my college girl ways. remember that?

when you would buy stuff NOT your size, (because it was on sale and that meant another $9.99 special) and
a) just squuueeeezed your way like a packed sausage into a jacket that was too small or
b) buy a shirt 2 sizes too large and then throw a skinny belt on and CALL IT A DAY?
not bad, eh?

well, here comes my favorite of the day. ming garden top, how i've waited and sale-stalked for you!

the minute i saw this on the website, i just gazed for a happy dazed moment at the loveliness of the print. it's just so light, graceful, and luxurious. 

it took its sweet time going to the sale rack, and when it did, i couldn't find my size initially. but sunday was my lucky day.

could it be any cuter? i just want to throw it over my shoulder and give it a good burping, it's SO DARNED CUTE.

hi there, cute little twin sister of ming garden top.

don't know your name and not super thrilled that your string waist belt fell off somewhere between the dressing room and my front door, but will squire you around time quite happily anyway.

the front silkiness is all luxe, and the back soft cotton is all comfort. perfect for layering, or a nice summery jaunt to you-know-where.

one update:

a few weeks ago, i tried this green beauty on in anthro's fitting room. loved it, wanted to make out with it and meet its parents, but balked about the price tag.

after some deep thinking, i went to another store (el segundo, instead of home store del amo), found it in an xs, and made the commitment.

here, it's paired with my anthro belt, daughter of liberation pants (also for sale, 20 bucks!) and one of the stylish anthro fabric rosettes (also sale item, about $9). shoes, thailand special.

i'm loving the colors, green and brown and grey all over.

to top it all off, i had my official anthro SA hairstyle (you know, the forehead braids tied together in the back in a carefully carefree manner) so was feeling as jaunty as a prairie girl has a right to.


ok, so i want to know about you guys! what's the BEST SALE ITEM you've ever gotten at anthro?
and send pics if you have a digital camera, iphone, bberry (which essentially means all of you), please?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

desperately seeking cynthia vincent gladiator wedges

the picture is there, but no wedges in sight!

i've been in such melancholia that i totally missed out on the cognac cv gladiator wedges from target. to add insult upon injury, i'm still seeing ads for them in my fashion rag mags. ugh! stop already!

i actually tried trolling for them online, entering EVERY california zip code i have friends or family in. ALL sold out. in 25 stores.

there is not a size 8 to be had in all of (urban) california!! sigh.

kim from anthroholic seems to rockin' out in hers. go girl! i will live vicariously through you.

did any of you guys happen to pick any up? pictures? :)

Monday, April 26, 2010

so much leafy goodness

can we just chat for a minute 'bout how amazing, truly AMAZING anthro's visual team is?
check out this leafy rainforest overlay floating about an embroidered pillowed heaven.
i'm thrilled at every turn in anthro's store.

wow! it's just burlap wrapped around wiring. um, easy enough? i'll just whip it up while watching glee tonight.

aaaaand, look how it matches the window paintings! what's this? am i suddenly in the amazon rainforest?

a few days ago, i saw them constructing this and was wondering how the cat's cradle would turn out. again, totally in line with anthro's commitment to design with simple elements, like having 12,000 used tea bags hanging from the ceiling in london.

oh, also found in the london store? apparently a LIVING. WALL. OF PLANTS.

i'm not usually one to notice everything all at once, but everytime i go into anthro, i become increasingly aware seems that their aesthetics are so interesting, curious, whimsical and intricate, made of eco-friendly, everyday materials.

makes you want to save up all your coke cans and arrange them artfully into a large, elaborate wall rosette.

addendum: ooh! guys! guys! check it out. have you ever seen something so eliza doolittle on LSD in your life? THIS is what i should have worn to my senior prom!
gah!! (sound effect of gagging for that skirt)

awww, c'MON!

ah, well. i guess they can't ALL be sale days. i trotted thru my home anthro tonight, just because i was in the neighborhood. the nice SA at the checkout told me there wouldn't be a sale tomorrow. :(

c'mon, man. i was like, really? like you guys couldn't put anything on sale? not even the items (see here, here, and here) that have been there for like, MONTHS? BOO. a bit disgruntled.

maybe they owe us an a-pologie? :)

i didn't let it keep me though, from raiding the sale room and scoring a tunic (a return, bless you returner!) that i am going to wear proudly this week when i happen to see nalynne. whaaaat!? TWINSIES!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

sweet smells of home

i usually merely visit the el segundo (southern CA) store whereas i regularly haunt the one in del amo (torrance, CA). yesterday though, i happened by el seg and had to cruise through their sale room--big BIG scores, to be had!

good assortment of pillows outside of the fitting room area. the perfect place for the
hen-pecked, i mean, loving, attentive husband/bf to hang out and check football scores on his ipod.

but one of the most beautiful items i saw was the collection of candles from bali basket. the tins are so bright and elegant! to be honest, i find them so appealing and decorative, i really don't care THAT much what they smell like. and no one expects them to be as great as the ol' volcano.

also loved these vases which i couldn't find on the website yet. something about that beautiful red and gold intricacy is elegant and timeless. and could easily store a LOT of grape jolly ranchers.

jennifer, the fitting room sales associate remembered my name 3 hours later. as in, the
second time i had visited the store THAT SAME DAY.

anthro crawl--rawr!

yesterday, i had the good fortune to swing (hah!) by the anthro in el segundo, for what i THOUGHT would be a quick 20 minute peek-in. i staggered out later with a bagfull of merch and a big cheshire-cat smile.
here are some that got away, but that i LOVE. please excuse the sports bra--i was wearing it for the swing balboa workshop which ended up being at least somewhat athletic.

i've been craving this dress since its arrival a few months ago. it's this heavy, oatmeal, grainy jersey, simply but beautifully draped. and that cluster of voile? chiffon? rosettes at the waist amps it up
juuuuust enough. not too fussy yet not too simple.

the length is about an inch below the knee for me (i'm 5'5''). proper enough to wear to church, work, or an amish wedding feast should that arise.

well, yoana baraschi does a perfect shimmery top very well. the gather in the front is flattering but not constrictive.

so you can be 3-4 months pregnant or have had a large chipotle burrito and still shuck corn just fine in this top. leeetle expensive, although isn't the glimmer of those buttoned flowers just
i hear a poor man's mastercard commercial emerging:

baraschi top: $118
joe's jeans: $127
1 year 24-hour fitness membership: $350
looking waay better than your high school bf at the 15 year reunion:
haze and glow cardi for $128. i've been eyeing this cardi for a month now. the patchy cut and wrap ties are so unique and organic.
and the colors look earthy, but bright. like this was hand-made by some 3rd world country children who stained the wool themselves with cranberry husks and blueberry juice.
as i'm not a big fan of the 3/4 sleeve, i will have to hold off on this. but i LOVE the asymmetric tie in front.

cannot believe i how instantly i'm drawn to embroidered flowers/birds/inanimate things on clothes. but isn't that just an automatic winner? especially if the embroidery is cut-out?! stinkin' genius.
well, i couldn't find an xs in this little yellow button top. but i will vouch for this top's fabric softness, adorable little buttons (albeit
not yellow), and general wearability. sale-stalk! if anyone sees an xs in the LA area, in 6-10 tuesdays, drop me a line!

why is mustard so beautiful on the shelf and so uninspiring on me? sure, there's the asian skin which doesn't need further yellowing.
i wanted to love this sweater, but i think i kept reaching for something to tie or button or belt. kept
wanting to want it.
on the upside, it's very cozy, and the cable-knit is so reminiscent of a scottish catholic girls' school uniform.

this is what i wore to anthro--i love the grey moth sweater (40 bucks? about 6 months ago) for layering. the green knit dress is from old navy (?15 bucks?) and black leggings from f21.
on my way out: the colors on this magnified geranium blouse for 98 bucks reminded me of so much of nalynne. the print is so beautiful! i stood there for a minute, a little stunned. and snuck a picture bc i just couldn't NOT.