Wednesday, April 28, 2010

desperately seeking cynthia vincent gladiator wedges

the picture is there, but no wedges in sight!

i've been in such melancholia that i totally missed out on the cognac cv gladiator wedges from target. to add insult upon injury, i'm still seeing ads for them in my fashion rag mags. ugh! stop already!

i actually tried trolling for them online, entering EVERY california zip code i have friends or family in. ALL sold out. in 25 stores.

there is not a size 8 to be had in all of (urban) california!! sigh.

kim from anthroholic seems to rockin' out in hers. go girl! i will live vicariously through you.

did any of you guys happen to pick any up? pictures? :)


  1. I was able to snag a pair last Wednesday. I went to 3 different Targets on Sunday the 18th and no one seemed to even show signs of ever carrying the line. Luckily Target's website was adjusted so you could still search for store availability and another store in my area had a 7.5 and 8 (I just searched again and it looks like the 8 is gone).

  2. I got my brother in Elmira, N.Y., to get them for me. (I haven't received them yet, and he had to get me a Size 10 when I normally wear a 9, depending on the shoe.) There are none out here in SoCal. They're on eBay, of course.

  3. Oh no, so sorry you haven't been able to snag these famous wedges! I have them and wore them on my blog- they're fun but definitely high! I'll be on the lookout for you in my local Target, if that helps!


  4. thanks, guys!
    susan--lucky! enjoy those awesome wedges!

    kathleen--thanks for the heads up--i saw on ebay, they're running b/t 35-60 bucks! YIKES!! i will start bidding, however.

    Dea--i'm gonna check out your blog. thanks!!

  5. I just found your blog through another Anthro blog =) Inspired by the fashion blogging community, I just started my own! Check out my recent post about an alternative I found to Cynthia Vincent for Target's Gladiator Wedges. I love them! Maybe it will be a good alternative for you as well :)

  6. thanks, mamaliu! i saw your blog--looks great! welcome from one new blogger to another!