Tuesday, April 20, 2010

nalynne's housewares

this is what nalynne had to say about some recent purchases:
1. cactus is modeling the "pardus floor cushion" which is gigantic. on sale on site, but not in stores.
2. recently on sale is the salt bin and the nesting duck measuring cup set.
3. the big white bowl is from anthro recently found on sale,
4. also there is a lamp, cookie jar, measuring cup, and penny candy jar pictured last.


  1. what about N's 27 anthro pillows? :) :)

  2. i KNOW, right? no way anybody will ever fall down in that household without a soft, beautifully embroidered place to land.

  3. haha, i can't even find anywhere to sit down on the couch. i have to move a couple pillows to find a spot! oh boy, but they are some cuuute pillows :) you could have an entire posting dedicated to all of her pillows :)

  4. i know! that'd be great. maybe you should give her a little nudge to take pics and send 'em on over. how about you, abby? would love to see some of your anthro stash! have a little photo shoot one of these days?