Sunday, April 25, 2010

all things swing

last night i went to hear my favorite swing band, stompy jones play at one of LA's favorite swing dance venues in pasadena (pbda). i have been swing dancing for the last 13 years and love everything about it--the joyous music, the friendly people, the awesome retro style...also the complete lack of sleaziness, replaced by not-small amount of geekiness. if you swing, you KNOW what i mean.

one of my favorite things is that swing connects the past and the future in more ways than one. i danced with a few 75-80 year old men--who probably learned swing before the rebirth with that gap commercial in the 90's.

as i'm learning how to optimize blogspot's features, i realized i could add some music via youtube on the side. so i have, and also, here's one of my fave singers, ella fitzgerald, jamming the charmingly WRONG lyrics in her famous mack the knife (with right lyrics).

isn't her outfit anthro worthy? i mean, anthro is all about retro, timeless, and classy beauty, after all.
and her voice is so perfect, it blows me away everytime.

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