Thursday, April 15, 2010

before they kicked me out

climbing cowl $48: the stitching on this grey version is so intricate and amazing. not surprisingly though, it's most flattering if you suck in your stomach and move stiffly from corner to fitting room corner. but really very comfortable. probably not worth 60 bucks.

lunar eclipse top $78: i tried this in an xs, which looked very interesting on the shelf. eh.

nalynne, whaddya think of this last one? don't know the name since it's been over a year that they had it.
i ended up buying it, since the fabric is intensely colored and although it's big for me (size 10, when i usually wear size 4), thought the sash made it feel more fitted and adjustable. so breezy...


  1. I have this lvoely silk top...I think this is called Avenue of Lace/s


  2. oh thanks, elizabeth! beautiful, isn't it? i couldn't resist it.

  3. It is so different so I had to buy back in Oct. How are you wearing yours? Do you have anything better than my standard go-to look? I wore this with a black long open cardi, skinny jeans and blk Steve Madden Intyce boots...not very original but it was cute enuf :)

  4. ooh--that sound cute. can you send me a pic for me to post? would love to see it.
    it's been pretty chilly where i live, so i was planning on layering it over a dark grey long sleeve tissue tee, and under a long sweater vest, w/ an anthro belt.
    i'll post mind sometime this week. thanks!