Thursday, April 15, 2010

putting my money where the rest of my money is

one of my favorite daily things to do is to check my stocks. i don't remember where, but I read once that you should invest in the companies and things you personally like and understand. since urban outfitters is the parent company of anthro, i decided to buy a few shares of URBN. not like they need more of my money. and all the many empty anthro bags under the sink said, AHEM.
assuming all along they were privately owned, i didn't even realize they were publicly traded until yesterday when i tried to show that they WEREN'T to a co-worker. suddenly, the trading symbol popped up on CNBC, proving me completely WRONG.

and that is happening waaay too often lately.

as a nod to fate and destiny, i felt compelled to buy at least 3 shares. it will alleve my guilt when i shop, as one hand's expense is increasing the profits of the other.

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