Friday, April 30, 2010

splendid and tiny...

are a good way to describe one's figure in general and maybe a waist or set of teeth in particular.

more importantly, they are two of our favored brands, and here, nalynne shows one of each.

the splendid cardigan is patchworked together, in varying shades of grey, not unlike the ethical implications of our federal tax code.

the tiny top (in name and nature) showed in charcoal has been edged lovingly with this precious little ruffle! which extends to the racerback and is made even more irresistible with a ribbon tying it all together in the back--unable to be displayed at this time because of an unfortunate strap scenario. 

both of these items are cut with the flowing edges, draping beautifully. really flattering and they were both on sale for around $30!

any other splendids or tinys out there? did you like your particular s or t?


  1. What's your favorite Anthros in our area for sales? I'm partial to El Segundo for prices and Santa Monica for selection! Love that cardigan!

  2. Loving the layered look!

  3. hi kathleen! i love the el segundo store!

    the sm store is large and in charge--but barely get around to going there. will have to check it out more often.

    also love the fashion island location.