Monday, April 26, 2010

so much leafy goodness

can we just chat for a minute 'bout how amazing, truly AMAZING anthro's visual team is?
check out this leafy rainforest overlay floating about an embroidered pillowed heaven.
i'm thrilled at every turn in anthro's store.

wow! it's just burlap wrapped around wiring. um, easy enough? i'll just whip it up while watching glee tonight.

aaaaand, look how it matches the window paintings! what's this? am i suddenly in the amazon rainforest?

a few days ago, i saw them constructing this and was wondering how the cat's cradle would turn out. again, totally in line with anthro's commitment to design with simple elements, like having 12,000 used tea bags hanging from the ceiling in london.

oh, also found in the london store? apparently a LIVING. WALL. OF PLANTS.

i'm not usually one to notice everything all at once, but everytime i go into anthro, i become increasingly aware seems that their aesthetics are so interesting, curious, whimsical and intricate, made of eco-friendly, everyday materials.

makes you want to save up all your coke cans and arrange them artfully into a large, elaborate wall rosette.

addendum: ooh! guys! guys! check it out. have you ever seen something so eliza doolittle on LSD in your life? THIS is what i should have worn to my senior prom!
gah!! (sound effect of gagging for that skirt)


  1. Did you notice that not only did they use a million tea bags for decoration, but the London store also hung up a WHALE? (5th picture out of 11 from the first link above)

    Now that's eco-friendly - reusing the stuff from the planet that we don't really know what to do with. :D

  2. if i were a whale and it was my time to go, what an amazing place to rest my whale hide--surrounded by frilly beauty and the scent of capri blue volcano?

    rest in peace, gentle giant. or his plastic cousin.