Friday, April 23, 2010

a good kind of volcano

one of the most unique traits of anthro's stores is the distinct fragrance. i immediately heave a big sigh of relief when i step across that big oak door and capri blue's "volcano" perfection wafts past the ol' nares.

it is unmistakably "anthro": classy, bright, warm. and along with the mellow jazz/indie grooves my del amo store has been jamming, it makes forever 21 seem tinny, frenetically loud and juvenile.

in order to bring some of that lovely peace and tranquility home, i caved in and bought my first volcano. it was 28 bucks.

i light it up only at night and try to sit near it and sniff it as much as i can, like a broke high school kid trying to make the buzz last longer.

sidenote: also the forest and aqua colored felt coasters surrounding the candle. got them for christmas from someone who noticed we seem to dribble alot. thanks, nalynne.

HOWEVER. i did find a similar fragrance the other day while browsing through world market. the french cassis was a lot more floral and nowhere near as bright as the volcano. but still an undertone of citrus, and $3.99 for 25 tea lights ain't all that bad.


  1. I love how the volcano candle looks even more than how it smells. Like a jar of butt cream from a fancy beverly hills doctor's office. It doesn't smell like butt cream, just to be clear.

  2. if i had a dollar for every time i heard that comparison...

  3. i'm also a big fan of the light blue color volcano. smells almost as good as the red, and, i think, better than the navy blue one.