Monday, April 19, 2010

monday's anthro crawl

LOVE what they're whipping up with the stringed sprays of blue and white. i was in the store while they were constructing what looked like a boho cat's cradle or a very large woven hoop earring.

this lobster dress (salty seas dress, $138) has been called creepy by other anthro bloggers, but the cut is so darned cute--pockets, perfect molding around the bodice, and the gromets holding up the straps--it's to die for. or at least perfect to get steamed and buttered over.

how cute is anything with orange thread on grey. especially with embroidered birds? i love how they continued the embroidery throughout the belt. i probably should have tried on a small instead of the xs that seems to be pasted on and had to be wrestled out of.

i have lusted after this jacket ever since day one. was SURE i could rock the sequined collar, the striped belt, and the not-too-fussy ruffles. the fact that it slightly resembles a very ladylike bomber jacket makes this irresistible.

sweet, simple, summery. and the detail of pleats in alternating directions is subtle but beautiful. can't stand how cute it is.

i missed out on this top around new year's when it came around in solid black. the intricate layering of the pleats in the front is a thing of beauty and a joy forever. i can't resist it! putting it on the sale-stalk list for sure.

this guinevere cardigan came back as a return and i suh-natched it up! lots of pleats, ruffles, and tucks. not simple, but simply fabulous. especially at 39.95.

paisley swoop tank, which made me swoon. especially in lavendar. i ended up getting this one, in xs. pretty true to size. thumbs up: the rope/peekaboo detail are so enticing and the fabric so soft. thumbs down: who pays 58 bucks for a glorified tank top? apparently me.

thank GOD the dewbud tee ($88) comes in this amazing turqoise shade. not too gaudy, not too walmart. the lale skirt ($98 ) i paired it with, was disappointing though. why? it gives the APPEARANCE of pockets without ACTUAL pockets. and everyone knows pockets make anything AWESOME.

am in love with, engaged to and will marry this top. mostly because the lacy insets and the detailed sleeves are so adorable and likely will keep our love alive, even after weekly date nights wane.

porridge's sailor number with just enough gathering to emphasize curves without being vulgar. ah, but isn't that's anthro for you...

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  1. ahoy matey! i love this striped sailor top...porridge always does fun stuff with buttons!