Wednesday, April 14, 2010

anthro crawl

monday afternoons, if i can get out of work early, i sneak out and into anthro's woodsy sanctuary. i take a deep satisfied sniff at the huge oak door. it's like a quiet enchanted meadow in the midst of the bustling city, and you almost expect to see a stray fawn skittering by the row of embroidered cardigans.
the key is to check out everything you would LIKE to buy on tuesday morning. to memorize its placment in the store, so when you DON'T see it there the next day, you can RUSH into the sale room, hip block the middle-aged korean lady who probably wears your size, and snatch up that moth sweater like it's your long lost biological mother.
also, it is helpful to try things on in the fitting room until they force you out. observe.

love, LOVED the cut of this jacket on the shelf, but maybe less so on me. honey from the bee cardigan $118. too much and made my waist look thicker then we need. oh well.

i loved this color. and of course, always a sucker for anything with pockets. rain pools sweater for $88. i'm totally going to sale-stalk it.

sorry, no idea what this one is called. not on the website anymore. but i loved the colors. and still may have to go and get it, just because it reminds me so much of something Jackie O would wear, pillbox hat optional.
loved this jacket. a little tight at size 0, but it was the last one, and totally gorgeous collar and edging. about 60 bucks.

this field of flowers sweater is a little too old church lady/small town librarian for me. i usually love everything they make, and would wear 95% of anything in anthro. but i am actively trying not to buy things that make me look, well, like a senior citizen. albeit a very cute one.


  1. Ooh - totally loved the gray jacket. Too bad it was size 0, but heck, I'd probably buy it if it were only $60. Beside, you're IN it right? Who needs to actually be able to MOVE? :P

  2. dude, i know! you're totally right. i seriously completely ignored the ripping sound and bought it on the spot. couldn't help it. had to be done.

  3. Hi came to your blog thru kim's! I wish I had found out about your blog earlier because I see you tried in the field flower cardigan that I've been for forever!!! I know it most likely is gone now, but could you tell me which store did you try in that cardigan? Much appreciated!

  4. hi new york! i tried it on at the del amo store in torrance, ca. hope you find it--keep me posted!