Sunday, April 25, 2010

sweet smells of home

i usually merely visit the el segundo (southern CA) store whereas i regularly haunt the one in del amo (torrance, CA). yesterday though, i happened by el seg and had to cruise through their sale room--big BIG scores, to be had!

good assortment of pillows outside of the fitting room area. the perfect place for the
hen-pecked, i mean, loving, attentive husband/bf to hang out and check football scores on his ipod.

but one of the most beautiful items i saw was the collection of candles from bali basket. the tins are so bright and elegant! to be honest, i find them so appealing and decorative, i really don't care THAT much what they smell like. and no one expects them to be as great as the ol' volcano.

also loved these vases which i couldn't find on the website yet. something about that beautiful red and gold intricacy is elegant and timeless. and could easily store a LOT of grape jolly ranchers.

jennifer, the fitting room sales associate remembered my name 3 hours later. as in, the
second time i had visited the store THAT SAME DAY.


  1. Hi! a little off topic but what is that cool phone cover you have? Is your ph an iphone or blackberry?
    BTW, just discovered your blog last week and now stopping in daily :))

  2. elizabeth--
    hooray!! thanks very much for being a daily reader. i'm on vacation right now, and thus, have been posting like a mad fool--so much fun! and glad to hear that someone is actually out there. :)

    my phone is an iphone 3gs, which has completely changed my life. the cover is from the mac store, i think about 50 bux? i looked all over online (ebay, etc) and this is the one i loved the most.