Friday, April 15, 2011

AnthroTour--Santana Row

I have a secret (well, not anymore) goal of hitting all 30 Anthro stores in California. I've been to 11 so far. This week, due to an unexpected trip to Northern California, Avery and I were able to swing by Santana Row and Palo Alto Anthros, too.

Check out Santana's CRAZY cork designs. 

 And their paper roses are better than any of the others I've seen! More abundant, more colorful, more detailed.

 There was even a quilted bee (ha!) hidden under one of the smaller flowers. I almost gagged, it was so charming.
 The best thing about the employee back room? The fact that Employees was spelled (almost) on the door--with Scrabble tiles. Hilarious and quirky.
 Their clustered bird wall was perfect--under a chandelier on the way to a larger than average dressing room.
 Also, loved the paper mache rainbow that ended in a pot of aluminum. Well, since it was full of Anthro goodies, it was better than the usual pot o' gold.

I got a GOOD look at this view, since I was being helped by the SA, finding a size 2 in the Silken stitches dress. Which by the way, they had in at least 3 sizes, on Tuesday. The SA, Lori, went above and beyond, by tracking--with the tenacity and bloodlust and endurance of a well-dressed hound--successfully, I might add.

I also picked up some other nice sale items, which I'll show you later. Shoutout and hugs to my SIL and pal, Holly, who trucked me all around tarnation so I could have an Anthro-filled week. And to my cousins, Annora and Jamie, who did the Sex and the City "thumbs up, thumbs down" post-shopping session.  

Santana Row will always have a place in my heart. Anyone else love that store like a fat kid loves cake? Pictures from Palo Alto, tomorrow!

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