Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fitting Room Reviews: Fluid Motion Tank, Penthisilea Tunic, Charcoal Terrace

Oh, Sale Day. How I love thee, and yet thou makest me nervous because I'm running out of pregnancy disability checkage.
Thank goodness Anthro only had a few items on sale this week. Avery's college fund is still safe. Although, she sure ain't going to an Ivy League.
For the following fitting room reviews, please please excuse the total lack of makeup, i.e. facial blood circulation and poor lighting and look of utter exhaustion. Avery's been waking up 3 times a night, just to announce that she's awake and will accept feeding but only for about 5 minutes before she dozes off again. After which, I take an hour of tossing and turning to fall back asleep, and then she's awake again, all perky and chubby and cute. Motherhood! Fun and frolic for all!
Fluid Motion Tank by Edme and Esyllte, now $40, I tried on in Navy (Olive also available online). Didn't look too exciting on the rack, but I love LOVE it on. It's got a simple tank, draped by 2 very graceful, flattering panels that you tie with a ribbon.
It looks flowy yet can be architectural if left untied.
Like so. Also, great for selling watches in Central Park. Psst, mister...have I got a Rolex for you!
Fei kills it again with this top, the Penthisilea Tunic, for $118. The reviews online are 4.5 out of 5 stars, and I can completely see why. As would be expected, it's 100% silk, and feels so whispery smooth, you may or may not rub your cheek repeatedly along the fabric behind the dressing room door.

The print is very tribal but unique and non-repeating, so it looks very authentically exotic (like something you'd buy from an ancient woman in a Cambodian village who hand-looms, not from the Anthro at a mall in Orange County).
Also, I found the subtle elastic gathering at the center of the tunic to be perfectly measured--not too much to be bunchy. Not too mild to be blousy. It's flattering and easy to move about in.

True to size--I wore a xs, but it is quite roomy due to the tunic style.

It totally accentuates the waist. See how you can't help but looking at my waist? See?
Sale stalking, fo' sho. Would probably have to jump on it--don't think it will last til 2nd cut.

Fei yet again. This Charcoal Terrace dress, for $158 looked so easy to wear and beautifully made, I snatched up a size 2 and 4 to sidle into. Got 3.5/5 stars online, mainly bc they say it looks like a nightie. I will say that the bust is intricately folded (see last picture) and the high waistline was one of the things that drew me in.

It doesn't have a very defined natural waist--more like a babydoll shape. I love the teeny spaghetti straps--dainty, yet strong.
The fabric is 100% silk again, which makes it look timeless, but not something you could throw in the wash. It's true to size. In fact, if you are less than a C cup, you could probably size down so that the skirt would be more body-skimming.

Overall, a lovely dress, just not a must-have for me...yet.
So the only things I bought on sale day were the Fluid Motion tank and some other sale items to be seen soon. Anyone else score on sale day?
Don't you guys want to win the $150 gift certificate from Dr. Perricone's skin line? Or just me? Hurry! It's over this week! Along with my pregnancy disability checks! And my ability to take naps at a moment's notice. Booooo....

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