Saturday, April 9, 2011

Go Go Gadget Celebrity Mugshots!

Hey fellow bloggers and future bloggers,

     If you ever want to wile away 20 minutes giggling and guffawing to yourself, check out the gadgets under blogger's list of "More gadgets." Of course, most regular blogs have "subscribe to", "popular posts", "text" gadgets to add to the sidebars.
     There are also gadgets as varied and bizarre as "the daily Cameron Diaz/Kim Kardashian/Audrina Partridge photo", "the daily Kitten photo", and uplifting as "the daily Helen Keller quote."
     The only one I thought ridiculous and delightful enough to add (with confidence), was the daily celebrity mugshot. See on the lower left. Totally and completely not related to Anthro. But sure as heck reminds you to always wear your best, do your eyebrow maintenance and use concealer.

    Suddenly, words to live by. I'm sure Helen Keller would agree.

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