Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Craft Corner: Pacifier Clips

Hey Anthrofriends!
     Do you ever wonder what to do with all the extra buttons that you LOVE from say, your favorite LiaMolly sweaters?
     Behold: My Glassflower Cardi, bought here, with its awesome buttons. They're wrapped with the thread around the edge, and then bejewelled with glassy beads in the center. Amazing. And totally wasted, sitting around in my sewing kit.
     Plus, sometimes I just have this NEED to do something, to create something. Other than this blog, that is. And it would be nice if the product were easy and usable.
     Do you, too? Well, here you go.
Seen in action, here:
With my fashionable friend, Kat. 

 Obligatory close-up of the button:
So, I had bought Avery a pacifier clip at Target to keep her pacifiers from falling onto the floor or worse. With this button, though, I made my own. 
And a few more to give to friends. But mostly to me, being that I am my own best friend.

Super easy to do: 
1.Pick out your button and ribbon. 
2. Cut ribbon to about 6 inches or less and create a buttonhole. 
3. Use Fraycheck (I used Singer brand) on edges of the ribbon and on buttonhole. 
4. Sew button on inner edge, about 2 inches from edge of buttonhole.
5. Stitch other end of ribbon around loop of the clip. I used the dangler clips from Joanne's, about 20 in a pack, made from nickel (neither Chris or I have allergies to nickel). 

 She loves the striped one the best, apparently.

Easy 10 minute project. Less cleaning up and freaking out about germs in baby's mouth.


  1. What a great idea. And a special way to personalize your baby items. And I got to see how you styled your LiaMolly, because I've only worn mine once.

  2. so clever! i love it...