Friday, April 22, 2011


 Happy almost Easter weekend, friends! Yesterday was so very glorious--bright and sunny and breezy with the occasional wispy clouds coasting in a bright blue expansive sky. Of course, not to rub it in, but this is what Southern California often looks like.

Don't worry--what we lack in weather problems, we make up for in traffic congestion and general rudeness. Which was made worse yesterday, apparently, by Obama arriving at LAX. Yes we even more crowded!
 Anyway, I tried on a few things at Americana Anthro, but thought this pinata-like wall covering so colorful and glorious--just like the weather outside, most worthy of posting. Gorgeous.

 View from the checkout counter.
 And Avery and me, enjoying the weather. Me in an Anthro Sparrow Konichiwa sweater and Bee's favorite blouse, and Avery in her favorite pink jumper. She is perfecting her pensive look. She's a brooding artist, after all.

Last call for the $150 gift certificate Dr. Perricone giveaway. Will announce the winner on 4/24, likely evening after all the festivities.

We have an Easter egg hunt planned, and are trying to play cupid for one of our best friends...I guess that's how we inject romance into our lives nowadays--by being nosy busybodies and living vicariously through our single pals. We can already claim credit for 2-3 unions (one marriage with child!), but he is our current center of focus.

Btw, if anyone in LA is interested in being set up with our very handsome, tall, athletic, sweet-natured, disease-free friend, please email me. He enjoys mountain biking, politics, dogs, and unfortunately, the comedy of Daniel Tosh. As does Chris. As do I. But his show has reached a level of vulgarity I find hard to digest.Which seems to be the main theme of his show.

Happy Easter to all! Hope you are all having a wonderful, relaxing, peaceful time surrounded by loved ones.

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