Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter! Fresh Eggs, Fresh Blooms, and OOTD

     Happy Easter, lovely people. It's been a little foggy and misty these past few days. Do I wish I hadn't gloated about Southern California's perfect weather last post? Maybe. Didn't keep me from enjoying Easter foods. Especially since I didn't have to make any of it. 

     These hand-dipped eggs were made by my friend Gabby. She used leaves from her garden, panty hose, and a pot she didn't mind throwing out. That's also hand-made bread, which was completely delicious with a LOT of butter. Didn't need it--I just like butter. 

     Gabby and I went to a garden center the other day together. We both love plants--me, blooms. Her, succulents. 

     I only have irises for you.

 OOTD: I wore my Eva Franco dress for church, and Avery wore a flowered Carter's dress.

Yes, I know--I should have taken a full-length picture. Sorry I'm so lame. Just believe me when I felt like an Asian Jackie O without the yacht. Or Asian Joan Harris without the crazy chest.

Avery looks like a baby Asian Laura Ingalls Wilder.

The dress was too tight, so had to slip into some Deletta--perhaps the most comfortable dress I own. Just all jersey softness. Off, off, oppressive tweed!

Anthro Deletta Corsage Twirl Dress
Anthro Moth Windy Dunes Cardi

Avery's outfit:
Skirt and Cardi, gifted
Baby Legs, Leg warmers
Headband, gifted

Happy Easter, everyone!...And the winner of the Perricone giveaway is Alexandra! Congratulations!


  1. Those are the most beautiful dyed eggs I have ever seen!