Sunday, April 3, 2011

Outfit of the Night: Richard Chai Tuxedo Dress

Hey girls!
      Hope everyone is having a relaxing or festive weekend. Either one or the other--depending on what you need. Ours has been quite festive. It's Chris' 40th birthday, and let me tell you--there have been festivities abounding for the past 4 days.
     One of which was the other night, when I took him to Providence, which according to Chowhound, is the best (or 2nd best) restaurant in LA. In the most sketchy neighborhood in LA. Where people are selling their own paintings on their lawns, along with old stereo equipment and various pots and pans, while smoking weed on their porch.
     So it's the most expensive meal you can have while simultaneously getting your hubcaps stolen.
Here's what I wore:
Urban Outfitters jacket, circa 2005
Richard Chai for Target Tuxedo Dress, buy here
Kenneth Cole Espadrilles
Loeffler Randall for Target purse
Anthro earrings

     I loved the racerback cut of the dress most, along with the mildly a-line skirt for easy maneuvering. It's made of a satin-like polyester, and cut beautifully, with meticulous seaming, characteristic of Richard Chai.
     Even though I was on a bit of a shopping freeze for the last few weeks (a combination of bummed out about Japan and saving up for his birthday), I had to snatch it up at my local Target. I mean, for 45 bucks, you can't go wrong.
     The restaurant itself is so beautifully decorated. I didn't want to bust out of the ol' iPhone in the middle of the dining room, but had to show you some of the decor--i.e. the bathroom. It's decorated like Anthro--no joke. Read: lots of cool sand dollar type things creeping along the wall, plants and flowers everywhere, and very friendly customer service, er, waitstaff.

     The dress was perfect. Best of all, it's very comfortable and equal to many occasions. I wore it Friday night, for our own intimate dinner and then again on last night to a dinner party with our friends. That's twice in a weekend--I may just wear it again tonight as we watch 30 Rock. Just to be sassy.
     Has anyone else scored (and loved) any other GO International items from Target? 


  1. Very pretty! I love the back of the dress.

  2. guys do you already heard about tuxedo los angeles? It is the new tuxedo were your look make more elegant while feeling comfortable.

  3. I just bought this dress today on sale for $12, and I love it!