Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Chris called me "grumpy" this morning. I guess the fatigue and irritability of getting up twice a night to feed Avery is overtaking with my usual sunshine smile. That feeding her, cleaning up her frequent rocket poops, entertaining her, reading to her, bouncing endlessly on a yoga ball to get her to nap, trying to cook dinner while jiggling her in a sling, is catching up with me, along with the chronic pain that I'm getting from holding her all day--she's getting to be a little heifer.

I've been completely enjoying being with her these past almost 3 months, and realize it's a huge luxury to stay home. But there's also the gratification and appreciation that comes from going to work--talking to rational adults who will not burst into tears and screaming (usually) and the tangible reward of a paycheck.

Then again...everytime I think of leaving her at daycare or with a nanny, I almost have an anxiety attack. I am seriously thinking of emigrating to Canada so I can have their 11 months of paid maternity leave. Isn't the US crazy not to have that?

Plus, I am trying to plan his 40th birthday party for this weekend, and obtain the appropriate gifts necessary for a very picky man of his elder statesmanship, who (key item) doesn't think he's picky. I had to bite my tongue last night when he said, specifically, "You know me, I'm not picky."

I literally bit my tongue. Maybe that was gift enough from ol' Grumpy, here. Grumpy needs the gift of a nap and a deep tissue massage. Ooh, and also I think my monthly "friend" is back. That's the LAST thing I need. LAST.


  1. HahAHa, so funny Sheila. I think it's amazing that you have the ability to stay at home with the little one, and it's good to hear your honest feedback on the highs and lows of changing gears from being an autonomous woman to a new mom. I'm at that point of my life when the talking about it has become the norm, and definitely wonder how I'll do without the usual 9-5.

  2. Cute tale Shelia.
    Love reading about your new mother adventures!
    Hang in there - and get a massage when you can!!

  3. Totally get where you're coming from! Taking care of an infant is no walk in the park...I think mommies are entitled to be grumpy every now and then ;). And yes, leaving your little one with daycare or a nanny can be a major source of mommy-anxiety and guilt. The second time wasn't any easier for me, and I have to admit, every day I think about what it would be like if I became a SAHM.

    Anyway, try to get some shut-eye and schedule that massage!

  4. Thanks, girls. Ol'Grumps got better after my mom came and I napped for 2 hours straight. Burke Williams, here I come!