Thursday, March 24, 2011


Hi guys!

     Well, it's a big day here at Anthrolife central control.

     For one thing, Avery and I are bringing the cheese plate to Mommy and Me (wherein the babies just loll around and drool, and the moms gab endlessly with each other because otherwise, we would go crazy without adult interaction).

     Also, my own Mommy is coming in tonight, which means I get to go to Anthro tomorrow.

     Furthermore, tonight we close the Shopbop giveaway, which has been a looong time coming.

     And of course, I am celebrating 1 year of my little blog and am donating to Japan's disaster relief through the American Red Cross.

     Just because Yahoo is now covering the 119 year old woman in Ohio doesn't mean all else is well in the world. Yet.

     So tune in tomorrow for the big results, especially if you entered. Man, I love giveaways (Jojophine is having a $100 Anthro giveaway, btw). Thanks for a great year, girls. You are all so amazing. Really. Thank you for reading.


Psst. Btw, I also love girl scout cookies, and between Chris and I, we've bought 5 boxes--3 of which are thin mints. Just thought i'd share because they're sitting right in front of me...whoopsie daisy...just ate one.

Also thought I'd randomly share where we were 2 years ago--on our honeymoon in Tuscany/Florence, Italy. Since it's been a year that we've (you and I, not me and Chris) known each other. Aaaand because I love LOVE to relive it.

And encourage badger others to go.
Ok, see my finger pointing? We stayed in that hotel, overlooking the Mediterranean sea. Watched dolphins jump in the distance. DOLPHINS.
 One of the bridges in Florence, at sunset. Chris took this picture and all the pictures, actually. Isn't he amazing? It's his birthday next week...I've been scheming...It's a big one.
 We went on a bike ride through the Tuscan countryside. It was like Napa valley but even more gorgeous. and Italian. And full of castles where you could survey the general Italian gorgeousness.
 One of the beaches in Cinque Terra. Never been? You MUST. Seriously. Five adorable fishing villages built on the rocks, next to the sea. Charming, rustic, with the best food ever.

And speaking of general Italian gorgeousness, the men all bear a striking resemblance to George Clooney. I am NOT even kidding.


  1. what an awesome vacation! we are thinking of taking an Italian vacation soon... I know have an even better picture in mind of the trip. cheers! xoxo

  2. What beautiful pictures! I went to Italy a few years ago and LOVED it! We didn't may it to the Cinque Terra sadly but I want to go back again!

    Thanks for the give away! I entered! I have one too on my blog that ends tomorrow night. It's for an anthro gift card!

  3. Goregous pics! I have been to Cinque Terre and yes it is beautiful! We stayed one night in Monterosso....loved it and would go back. :)

    Sharon in DC

  4. You are soo funny. I am a new follower wishing you happy blog anniversary. Take care and I look forward to coming by more often.

    Lisa xx

  5. Sherry--you will LOVE Italy. check out tripadvisor for lots of activity/hotel ideas. it's the best site out there, i think.
    Josie--isn't Italy grand? thx for your giveaway, too. hoping i score!
    Sharon--thanks!! loved Monterosso. great gelato!
    Lisa--come on by! Thanks a bunch.