Monday, March 7, 2011

More Anthro Stalking

     Avery and I met friends today at the beautiful Glendale Americana outdoor mall. It's completely new and modern and trendy in that LA-seen-and-be-seen yuppie way. The weather was gorgeous--warm and clear with a mild sweet-smelling breeze.
     Perfect day to hang out with friends. And then hit an Anthro.

     It was Avery's 2nd Anthro trip. At her 2nd store. She's quite diversified already at the age of 2 months. 
     By the way, who wouldn't want a chandelier of colorful fabrics above their bed? Um, sign me up. Really. Being serious. It was lovely. Although probably a pain in the arse to dust.

     Not to upstage Connor the cutiepie Anthro visual artist, but they had these awesome wall displays made of rope and fabric, which was inspired by crop circles and cloud animals. Who thinks of these things?
     They're gorgeous--especially impressive because they're so huge and yet obviously handmade. Now that I realize that EVERY store has a visual team, I understand and accept that this translates to our gaggingly overpriced clothes.
     The extra $50 I spend on every purchase goes towards supporting Connor. That makes it less painful.
owl? raccoon? rabbit? or just clouds?

      Dude. If only someone could take all the wire hangers off my closet floor and make something this beautiful, I would belt out the Hallelujah chorus.

     Avery thought the displays were so impressive, she clapped. Or at least clasped her hands in a congratulatory position. She was oohed and aahed over by one of the very sweet SA's. After all, she was the youngest Anthrofan there.
     It was a lovely day.


  1. That last picture is too precious for words Shiela!! Sounds like a fun Anthro adventure... Oh! I finally got a chance to go the El Segundo Anthro and immediately thought of you when I walked in. What a treasure trove of sale goodies. I found a couple of very rare pieces in there, AND in my size! yay!

  2. LOL! The extra $50 goes to support Connor! Dude, I'm totally going to keep that in mind when I go shopping this weekend.

    Avery is so very cute.

  3. thanks cat! glad you got to see el segundo. i'm looking fwd to seeing your new threads on your site!
    mint--i'm so glad you are also part of the connor fan club. he can't keep us all away...