Monday, March 7, 2011

Anthro Stalkers

     Happily enough, Nalynne and company came out for the week and we found time to go to Anthro. Three days in a row. Two different stores. One battered and beaten credit card.

     Anyway, we spent just as much time loving the window displays as the clothes. Especially at the El Segundo store, where we saw THIS AWESOME DRESS.
     It's sewn together. Hand dyed. Meticulously clothespinned. Fully zippered. Ruffled and swathed and just fully amazing. I insisted that Nalynne stand in front and pose, smiling gorgeously with perfectly styled hair. She agreed.

     She's wearing an Anthro Clinton Trench and Timberland boots and I forget what else underneath. But I guarantee she is wearing something--no flashers in this family.

     But what is that sparkling red and black item in her right hand?
     A Kate Spade bag, which I panted heavily over all weekend. See close-up here.
 Anywho, we loved the tops that were obviously sewn. And we were to find, were hand dyed. And probably better constructed than most items I've bought at Forever 21. No offense, F21.

 Also, Nalynne loved the different ways the succulents were displayed.
       Like how they were tucked into the bags like a canvas utility belt. Full of plants. And JUST whilst we were oohing and aahing, and wondering what GENIUS was behind all of this...
we stumbled upon the visual team for the store. And when we asked who had done the wedding dress in the window, we discovered it was Connor.

     What a catch! He is obviously talented, can sew, can make rope chandeliers, and is verrry easy on the eyes.  

     And apparently quite modest. He was so endearingly aw-shucks and shy in the face of my adoring gush of flattery.
     The terms "genius!" and "amazing!" were thrown about and if I hadn't been holding Avery in a sling, he might have run away from the crazy lady (finding that somehow having the baby makes me less physically threatening).
     Who almost asked him to sign his name on her baby's forehead. JK. That was Nalynne's idea. Her idea that I happened to take as my own.

     Finally, when I stood around awkwardly for a very very long time, he sighed and agreed to let me take his picture next to the dress. Along with Tracy, who also apparently worked on the dress, but also was necessary for moral support.
They agreed to allow their pictures in my blog. I think they would have agreed to anything just to make me not stand over them anymore, jiggling my iphone excitedly. And you see the result above.
Crazy swimfan behavior wins again.


  1. Oh Sheila...your post made me chuckle a little bit. I always feel like an Anthro stalker whenever I go into the store..especially when I’m looking for a specific item. It's even worse when I go there 3 days in a row, like a did this weekend (inadvertently of course). The sales team and management team all know me by's a little out of control.

  2. Oh my. Do you think Connor will make a road trip to the Chicago Anthro?

    *fans herself*

  3. natasha--wear your anthrofreak flag proudly, girl. you are one of many and we all are AWESOME.
    mint--isn't he the cutest? hope he doesn't mind a growing following...

  4. Hi Sheila! First time commenter/lurker over here :)! Wanted to chime in, cuz that's my local Anthro!!! We live in Culver City, which is about 15 min at the most from that store. When I was on maternity leave, I think I was at the store almost every week. Anyway, Avery is too adorable! I have a 6mo old boy so if you ever want to have an Anthro playdate lemme know :D!

  5. ivy! let's definitely have an anthro playdate! email me!