Monday, March 28, 2011

Fitting Room Reviews-Taking Turns Top, Portrait Perfect Tee, Wallflower skirt, Swatch Book Top

Hey kiddies,
      Man, it's been a while since I've done reviews. Mainly because I was either hugely nauseous, fatigued or just huge...with child. And then the child started screaming and was needing to eat every 2 hours. Thank goodness for Grandmas. Not only can she feed Scooter with help from Madela, but she sure has a way with that pacifier.

      Anywho, here are some things I tried on the other day at Anthro (El Segundo) while mom babysat and Avery napped. Oh, and this was before I checked out the BR sale. And swung very quickly but thoroughly through JCrew's sale section. That mall is small but amazing. Also, they have a Pinkberry next door to Anthro. Talk about retail therapy.

      My own original outfit, seen and described here:
Sale items I tried on:
This cardi, the name of which I've forgotten, is still available in xs at El Seg store. It was marked down to $49.95. Sold out online.
This little olive shawl-like sweater was definitely not in my genetically winter color scheme, but since I'm an autumn at heart and have been using lots of bronzer lately to help out that effort, I bought it anyway. Couldn't help it, with the v-shaping in the back which I found both sophisticated and flattering. The combination of those 2 descriptors is always worth 50 bucks.

Yet another awesome sale item that is no longer online. But for anyone who loves comfy skirts with big, plunging pockets, you feel my joy. My joy that was purchased for 20 bucks.

And which now makes me think I should rename my blog Anthrosale. Or Anthrocheapskate. Or AnthroMomWhoHasToSaveUpForCollege.
Ok, on to the full-pricers. This Tracy Reese Wallflower skirt, $128 was a great fabric at first glance. Embroidered (not painted) daisies on a burnt orange lawn. The pleats were fairly wide, and the A-line shape is pretty flattering on most. I would say this is true to size, as I tried on a size 2 and I couldn't quite button the waist, but that could just be my post-pregnancy excess telling me to stop being so optimistic.
The solid band at the top is quite sturdy, and it's lined, which eliminates itchiness--however, it is displayed NOT as solid online, but the same fabric as the rest of the skirt. Picky? Perhaps. But clearly, I need to be thorough in my investigating. Lives and budgets are on the line!

This One September top Swatch Book Top, $98 appeared so vibrantly interesting on the rack. But not on my rack (ha!).
I just found it to be excessively blousy and despite the beautiful tailoring with the fabric blocking, it just wasn't flattering on me. I wish they had done this with a silk or crepe fabric that would have been less stiff than polyester and more clingy and body-conscious. It does have a tie in the back which still does not lend to a successful sillhouette in my opinion.
I'm SURE they are reading my blog as we speak and this issue will be rectified immediately.

Ever wonder what $50 will buy you at Anthro? Apparently a deceptively simple appearing Portrait Perfect t-shirt, by C. Keer.
All business in the front, but party y'all in the back. I really liked the tie above the peek-a-boo cutout, which made up for the boring scoopneck in front (so bored in fact, that I couldn't keep my iphone still when taking the darn picture--or capture the price on the tag--sorry!). Simple, but fun, and also in Navy. I almost dated a guy like that once.

Lil is name of the girl who introduced Chris and me. So I'm game for anything Lil makes. Especially if it contains beef stew and seaweed, as Lil is Korean. Anyway, this Lil Taking Turns top for $68 is intriguing, even though I've sworn off any more stripes for myself this season.

It's so unique and body conscious without being too busybody (although, some would say that our Lil is very much a busybody...Thank goodness, in our case!).

It's only sold in the blue online and is completely sold out except for the XS! I actually prefer the blue, but wasn't opposed to the white. It's so comfortable and up to any occasion. Definitely sale stalk.

Ok, that was a lot about me. How about you guys? How are you? Tried anything on exciting lately? I have been doing some closet purging--or attempting these past few days and am debating whether or not to have a blog sale or just ebay. Any thoughts?

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