Saturday, March 5, 2011

Birds of a Feather

     Abby, who is a friend of Nalynne (and us) and an Anthrolife reader, is so kind and generous. So very kind and generous in fact, that she gave Avery two adorable onesies from her friend Michelle's etsy store, little blue feather.
     This A alphabet onesie with the bird is so stinkin' cute. Observe the bird on Avery's tushie. Can you believe the exposure of my child's bottom on the internet. All for love of fashion.
     I saw Abby a few months ago at our Ohio baby shower, thrown by Nalynne. And that is when I saw her sweet little boy, Griffin wearing the cutest owl tee, and fell in LOVE (with the tee and with the little boy). Voila, 3 months later, I have my own cutie owl tee. And Avery does look a bit boyish sometimes.
     Avery loves her owl tee. She started cooing and ah-gooing a few weeks ago, and I've been delighted and willing to overcome her explosive temper and explosive, er, tendencies ever since. I don't know if there is a sweeter sound than her voice. And she seems to coo a bit more in this outfit.

    She has some right-leaning tendencies. Politically and otherwise.
     Thank you so much, Abby and Michelle for such adorable onesies. Avery and I love them and can't wait to squire them around town. Btw, they were wrapped in the cutest little fabric with a blue feather and tied with a ribbon.  So sweet!

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  1. So happy you and Avery like them :) She is so stinkin cute!