Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Anthro Anniversaries Abound! Looking back...

Ooh! Ooh! Check out the Bloggiversary Giveaway at In Pursuit of Pretty Things

They're giving away a $100 Anthro gift certificate--whoohoo! It's been a year since they launched their adorable blog. Happy anniversary and many many more!

Which reminds me--it'll be 1 year for my little blog as well, on March 25. This is craaazy to think about, since so much has happened, whirlwind-like, in just a few months.

Check it out:
March 2010: I kick off my blog, with a benign little post about earrings, since I have lots of time to go to Anthro and all this fashion angst to get out of my system.
Unbeknownst to anyone except my mom, Chris and I have been trying unsuccesfully to have a baby for 5 months.
I compensate by taking pictures of myself wearing various outfits with my iphone in Anthro fitting rooms.

April 2010: Still not pregnant, in my mid-30's, continue shopping to alleviate any feelings of insecurity or fear of gulp, infertility.
Blog madly. Throw self into work. Buy Urban Outfitters stock at its height. Bad move.
Watch over the next 10 months with sinking heart as it plummets 40%.

Mid-April 2010: Bingo! The stick turns positive! Gulp. Am gripped with cold fear and joyous excitement in equal parts.

May 2010: Am starting to be exhausted and nauseous. Try to act normal at work, but keep falling asleep or having to invent excuses to run to bathroom to dry heave. Avoid vomiting at Anthro several times--heart swells with pride.Wear LiaMolly Glassflower Cardi to dinner with my bffs, the bachelorettes. Announce to them that I'm preggars--only because they guessed. 
We also move into our new house. I am NOT helpful because of my state of bearing offspring.

June 2010: Still trying to act normal, but am fully immersed in fatigue or nausea. Cannot believe that the human race continues to perpetuate in the face of "morning sickness." Which should be renamed "all-day paralysis." Still pretending to not be pregnant until 10 week mark.
Attend my niece's 1st birthday wearing a Deletta corsage/twirl dress, and manage to not throw up during the barbeque. Appearing unflatteringly pale, but hey--I'm standing upright. That is a BIG accomplishment. 

July 2010: Cannot stand it any longer. Have announced pregnant state to work folks, and announced it on blog, to overwhelming support and kindness from readers. Work less enthusiastic.
Jaunt off to Las Vegas with hubby for whirlwind of activity, with no obvious ill effects. Apparently, Scooter enjoys late-night extravagent dinners, Barry Manilow, and high-rolling at the craps tables.

August 2010: 2nd trimester in full swing, all of a sudden feeling better. Especially after going to Prada-designed Anthro with friends. Discover that Scooter is actually a girl. High pitched shriek heard in next county by cud-chewing cattle.

September 2010: Chris and I took a road trip up North, and spent a delightful several days in Santa Barbara where I found an astonishingly lovely Anthro and tried on several items that displayed the belly prominently.

October 2010: Bumped into Keri Walsh and sobbed in a public place, while she whipped her head around frantically for an escape from the crazy pregnant lady. Good times.
Also turned officially mid-30 on Halloween. Yikes.

November 2010: Swirled around the world, got kicked off a plane for being 28 weeks pregnant, landed in Prague and Budapest, had a ball.

December 2010: Back in Vegas, hugely pregnant, last hurrah. Got dirty looks from everyone at the Craps table, especially after I sevened out. Gorgeous hotel, beautiful, beauteous Anthro.

January 2011: Scooter arrives. World turns upside down. Fall in love. Deeply, deeply in love.

February 2011: Visited Anthro for the first time since Avery was born and did not leak breast milk anywhere. BIG accomplishment, no joke. I did not vomit in Anthro (during my horrible 1st trimester), either. I'm taking this show on the road.

March 2011: We're back to now. It'll be a year on March 25. I've been to Anthro 4 times in the last week. Avery's been there twice. But things will never be the same.

I'm thinking we'll have to do something for my own 1 year bloggiversary. Will caucus with myself and then let you know. Thanks in advance, everyone. It's been a wonderful year.


  1. What a fun recap. I especially enjoyed your excitement over not leaking in Anthro...while I never threw up with my morning sickness (only felt like I was on the verge ALL day) I did worry about the leakage issue a few times. :)

  2. I love this post...thanks for taking us on a whirlwind trip (both around the world and along your pregnancy). I'm 41 and trying to have a baby....reading your blog is so sweet.

  3. Congratulations on your blog anniversary coming up- and on your new bundle of joy! What a lovely year you've had! You should definitely do something to celebrate your bloggiversary :)

    I'm celebrating my blog with a giveaway for a $50 Anthropologie giftcard! I would love it if you have time to check it out. it ends tomorrow :)

    Your blog is lovely- thank you for sharing your world. I'm a happy new follower.

  4. thank you so much, girls.
    alicia marie: i'm so glad i'm not the only one!
    tracy: hang in there. he/she will come.
    lauren: you know i loved your site. see you soon.