Sunday, July 4, 2010

Outfit of the Night--Vegas, Day 1

Happy Independence (from Treacherous Outside Forces, such as Ye Olde England) Day!

Speaking of the hemorrhaging of cash. It's 4th of July weekend and time for Chris and my 2nd annual Vegas trip.

Here's to the pursuit of happiness and freedom (financial and otherwise).

Our first night in LV, I had to bust out:
my new Odille Blacklight blouse, snatched up in April
F21 black satin shorts
Orange blossom wedges, Thailand specials
Earrings, Anthro, 2010.

A view of Vegas, on the back (read: ugly) side of Bellagio.

I love the pleating of this top. Trying to show your how intricate and interesting it is, without forcing you to stare at my chest. You're welcome!

We had dinner at L'Atelier, from famous chef Joel Robuchon. It's the more affordable of his 2 Vegas restaurants, next to his more famous Michelin 3-star, Joel Robuchon. L'atelier means "workshop or studio" so I guess we were eating his works in progress. And very delightful works, at that.

I ate everything on this prix fixe. Yep. Except the cheese plate. Instead, I requested 2 desserts, and whaddya know. THEY GAVE THEM TO ME.

The tart plate: chocolate/cinnamon, chocolate ganache, raspberry tart, blueberry tart, and strawberry with pistachios and some kind of gold covered awesome nugget.

UM. Amazing.

But not as good as the sorbert plate. Vanilla bean, pistachio, strawberry, coffee, raspberry. CRAZILY VIBRANT, true flavors. They make all of the desserts there, in the restaurant.

My favorite flavor was coffee--it literally perked me up from spiralling into a food coma.

It's not my intention to write a food blog, but I just have to tell you--the food in Vegas is SO good. Varied, fresh, mostly affordable, and just as entertaining as the actual entertainment.

Well, almost as entertaining.

We loved the Penn and Teller show. Hilarious, inventive, patriotic, and even thought-provoking. Penn is a giant of a man (6'7'') and signed autographs for a huge crush of people even after the 2 hour show (so did Teller, but he was mobbed).

So, hard-working, too.

All the things that Americans are and should be.


  1. oooh, those desserts looks yummy!!!
    I've never been to Vegas. I would love to go!

  2. LOVE Vegas and love how you look in that top! Sounds like you had a ton of fun!

  3. love Penn and Teller! we went to their show a few years ago. you look awesome!

  4. pamela--you've GOT to go to vegas. there's something for everyone. ALL hours of the day. it's amazing.
    lisa--thanks! the best thing about the top is the expansive waist--perfect for big meals.
    gracie--wish you could have been there! we'll have to do a girls' trip soon!