Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Outfit of the NIght--Vegas, Day 2

Our second day in Vegas kicked off perfectly--at the Wynn Buffet for breakfast.

I had always assumed that Bellagio had the best buffet in Vegas. Chowhound's boards, however, state otherwise. The more I read, the more I found a strong stream of opinion pulling for the Wynn.

Well, it was definitely more beautiful from the start. Especially eating in the garden atrium area, with soaring greenhouse ceilings and surrounding mirrors, brightly lighting the huge array of flowers, plants and antique lamps hung in archways.

I know I said this was not a food blog--but I have to show you that the Wynn has very ripe papaya in their breakfast buffet. This is meaningful because it is not easy, cheap or common, like the usual mass breakfast fruits (watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries--all found at the Bellagio, and mediocre quality). 

And I found that to be the case for the food in general. Not as plentiful as the Bellagio--but definitely higher quality.
I wore an Anthro Lilka sundress, circa '08. Sorry this is such an incomplete picture. I was too busy stuffing my face to care.

Chris took snapped this shot using the Hipstamatic application on my iphone--retro-fying it.

More of Wynn's clustered flowers. They really had a beautiful aesthetic--lots of bright colors and flowers, without gaudiness. Much like you-know-where.

Dinner at Rosemary's restaurant was mildly disappointing for both of us. Only redemption was our very friendly waitress and the crunchy rice krispie peanut butter dessert concoction.

No, that's not it, below. We popped them in our mouths and it was over within half a second. 

Highlight of the day was Wayne Brady's utter, flabbergasting, quick-witted genius. Why has he not exploded into a new hemisphere of Letterman/Leno-type fame by now?

Every single moment of his improv show was just as hilarious as Whose Line Is It Anyway, but just edgier.

Chris was convulsing helplessly next to me, tears streaming down his face.

WB is the FUNNIEST man alive.

I say that with honesty and confidence. Go see him if you EVER get the chance.

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  1. That's why I havent seen you at work :)). I will have to try Wynn Buffet next time we go to LV. I agree Bellagio has been my fave. I also love the outfit and with my new diet, those pics looked great and it's making me hungry :)). Have fun!