Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fitting Room Reviews: Taking Flight

Happy Saturday night, Anthrofriends! 
     Hope you are all enjoying the weekend and wherever you are, there is lovely weather. That would have to mean, then, that you are NOT ducking tornadoes in the South. Wowsers--what a motivation to stay indoors and do all shopping online, if you can get access in the ol' bunker.
     Well, I got to try on a few items that I had seen online this week. 
     Leave it to Anthro to teach me some new terms. Like "pellucid." I fully intend to start throwing that around as part of my everyday vernacular. It apparently means the same as "lucid"--just that added syllable though, adds class, elegance, and apparently is worth an extra 75 bucks. 

Pellucid Wings Blouse, Moulinette Soeurs, for $128. First of all, the cut is quite flattering. It's true to size--I wore a size 2 and it draped quite nicely without excessive blousing. I also love that the v-neck neckline is twisted and romantic. Good length, too. Perfect for tucking in or belting.

Furthermore, the silk is gorgeously printed, although somewhat sheer. At first glance, it appears to be covered in upside-down butterflies, but upon closer inspection, they're brightly colored swallows.

There is beautiful beading over a few of the swallows on the upper left and right waistline. It literally took my breath away. I actually became short of breath. In the Anthro dressing room. Overly dramatic? Maybe.

 Or maybe not.

Further on the whole winged theme, I had to try Lil's Monarch Skirt, for $78. The cut appears pretty classic: wide ruched waistband which sits on the natural waist and drops into narrow pleats and fairly deep side pockets with a side zip.

It was not true to size--even the size 2 seemed to be a bit billowy, with the waist not QUITE as crisp as I would have liked. Would recommend sizing down, but I couldn't find a size 0 to try on. The length was just above the knee (I'm 5'5'').

The fabric was cotton, fairly light, with monarch butterflies in rows, only seen on closer inspection. From across the room, it appears to be a regular polka-dotted number.

 I liked this skirt, but really found the texture of the fabric to be mediocre. It's not a distinct shape, and tends toward blousiness, which would be fine for other less hippy body types.
 Still love the pockets, though.

The applique and pleating of this chambray Wiltern Dress, $168 caught my eye. The cut is almost a halter with pearl buttons (which are a little challenging) at the back, crisp pleating from the neckline, and wonderfully plunging deep side pockets.

The fabric is chambray, but is so well tailored along with the applique, that it is appropriate for beach, dinner, and everything in between. True to size? I think so--given the cut of the torso, although the skirt is so roomy. It hits just above the knee, that is, if you're 5'5'' and have odd posture. 

Also, roomy enough to hide a burgeoning waistline--food induced or otherwise.

In other news, I LOVE a few items Anthro has come out with, which is a relief. I was a little concerned about a month ago, but I think they're back on the upswing (can't say that about their stock, though). Anyone else agree?
More on that tomorrow! Happy weekending, friends!

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