Sunday, May 1, 2011


Butterfly Net Dress
Love: the print, the colors, the pleating at the bustline.
Not sure about: cotton as the fabric--too casual?, the black sash (would prefer another color).
Lingonberry Dress
Love: the draping, the gorgeous print, fabric.
Not sure about: the wide neck and hip area. Would love to try it on in person.
Pellucid Wings Blouse, see review here.
Love: fabric, beading, everything.
Not sure about: sheerness.
Summer Tartan Tank
Love: the adorable retro checks/peter pan collar/ruffles. Very June Cleaver/Betty Draper.
Not sure about: blousy waist in cotton. May need a belt.
Pormenor Corset
Love: the silhouette! the stitching! the subtle ruffles! the appliques! A-DOR-able.
Not sure about: spending a months' grocery budget on something that I won't be able to wear too often. Probably wouldn't care. Still so gorgeous.

What do you guys think? Has anyone else wishlisted these dreamy items? Does anyone else buy a time share of the Pormenor Corset? We could split it 4 ways--and everyone gets 3 months. Dibs on summer.


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  2. oops, i meant lingonberry dress. that print is just gorgeous.