Thursday, May 12, 2011

Powerful Fitting Room Reviews: Villa Mysteriis Top, Summer Tartan Tank, and Breezy Paperbag Shorts


Hey girls--
Quick and dirty review (because sometimes you just want to make things simpler than they were in the past when they were really unnecessarily complicated with all the details just making them all LESS simple than they could have been and just because you like to try new formats and stuff):

1. Love gray and yellow? I mean, who doesn't. That's why I picked up the Villa Mysterris Top to try on. The fabric is light and a bit sheer, but gorgeous print (I wanted to wallpaper my entire house with it--however, not being given that option, I just ended up trying on the top).

Fit was kinda blousy and square. Somewhat retro--reminds me of the shells my mom wears to work under her big shoulder padded blazers (so cute on you, Mom!). Not the most flattering look for me. However, I did like them better tucked into the Breezy Paperbag shorts by Daughters of the Lib. 

2. Which, can't say I liked these shorts initially. I have my doubts about anything that is high-waisted and mom's-jeans-esque. But I loved the color, the light cotton/linen blend, the deep pockets, and even the belt which is just speaks casual. I also like the sailor style of the buttons down the diagonals.

Still, I don't think this is the most flattering cut of all--would prefer a lower waisted item, albeit in the same color and similar style. I know the paper bag look is in right now--but not for me. Will seek out another shorts option next visit.

3. Lill's Summer Tartan tank caught my eye online and I was looking fwd to trying it on. I imagined a light and summery top--given the name and appearance. I was suprised to find how thick the cotton was, and how unflattering the cut. I guess a belt would have helped, too. The detail seemed more interesting online and the overall effect was dowdy in person.
The sizing is fine--I tried on the xs and it grazed my hips with no pulling at the buttons. 
I'm downgrading it from my wishlist to 2nd cut only.

Anyone else tried these items on? Yes, that's Avery in the power-stroller taking a power-nap. I've decided to re-label everything in my life, the power-fill-in-the-blank to make myself feel more, well...strong.

Like, I'm power-blogging right now. I re-power-formatted the blog this time. I had a power-breakfast this morning. I had a power-conference call yesterday, which I needed a power-massage to recover from.

Unfortunately, Avery seems to be power-teething and is power-wailing a lot lately. Poor power-pumpkin.

I am hoping Anthro will all have a power-sale next week. But for now, have a powerful day!

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