Saturday, May 7, 2011


Anthro is trying out real models for their "Knits and Tees" section, instead of just the dress forms. Not a fan. What is this--Forever 21?!
Give me back my soulless, headless automatons!


  1. agreed... def liked our headless, lifeless friends ALOT better!



  2. It is weird, because I'm not seeing it on my Knits and Tees section when I go to the Anthro website. I saw that a couple of people couldn't see it either when there was a brief comment on Effortless Anthropologie. But, I'm not liking what I see here!

  3. Agreed. Never thought of Forever 21... but you are so right. Sad day.

    Happy first Mother's day!

  4. Oh....I sort of like it...usually, when there are a few product shots of an item, I click on the photo with the model anyways - I want to see how it looks on a 'real' person, where it hits on the waist, how long the sleeves are, etc.

  5. I find the model shots to be VERY helpful! It gives you a much better idea about what the clothes might actually look like on you. However, I wish the main product pages had just the mannequins because it gives a cleaner look. Using models is not just a Forever 21 thing....look at Neiman Marcus, Nordstroms, Bloomies, etc.

  6. It DOES give you an idea of how the clothes might look like on you... but I miss the uniformity of the mannies--maybe in the future they could let us upload 3-D pictures of ourselves and then simulate what the tops would look like...
    Oh, the end of fitting rooms and in-person shopping would ensue!