Tuesday, May 10, 2011

catching your pinterest (or what to spend hours on)

Wow. Pinterest is very shrewd. First of all, there's a waiting list (unless you get invited by an existing member). So they're just snobby enough to make you want to get in...none of this instant accessibility like Facebook or Myspace. Secondly, they allow you to hold onto the url...and repin other people's stuff.

I had originally found out about Pinterest from Elisha, from El Segundo's Anthro. She's the head of visuals there, was really friendly and helpful all those times I stalked her (and Connor) and I LOVE her Pinterest page. She's so clearly very talented.

I love that you can "catalog the things you love." Now I can remember the names of Anthro items, even after they disappear from the website. That's the biggest reason I started out with to have an account.

And then I saw what my boards looked like, and now I'm just having so much fun.

It's like looking into someone's internal inspiration board. 

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