Friday, May 6, 2011

Things Are Not What They Seem

Statement of Fact #1: My dear friends and former roomies, Kimi, Rita, and Kat pictured at a baby shower honoring Rita (That's me in the Silken Stitches dress on the far right, if you don't recognize me. I know--that's a lot of Asians).

Item of Confusion #1: It appears Rita and I are both pregnant. I assure you, we are not (although one of us says she is--we'll see). Just that one of us needs to go to Yoga more often and not eat 3 cupcakes in a row emblazoned with cream cheese frosting.

Statement of Fact #2: Chris and Avery accompanied me to Anthro, reveling in the beauty of the kitchenware. Chris really enjoyed some of the lettuce serving bowls on sale and insisted that we buy 2. He insisted. I simply complied.

Item of Confusion #2: They both appear disinterested and resigned, waiting around Anthro for me, especially since someone forgot the Baby Bjorn and someone else weighs close to a bag of bricks. 
Statement of Fact #2.5: Avery is in fact, a girl.
Item of Confusion #2.5: She appears bald and frequently wearing green/blue tones without the convenient pink barrette to alert the occasional passerby.

Statement of Fact #3: The El Segundo Anthro is staffed with a brilliant visual staff. This is how they used their corkage allowance.

Item of Confusion #3: The next door Pinkberry is not actually INSIDE the Anthro, although if I could get some kind of Anthro/Pinkberry stamp card, I would go Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.
Statement of Fact #4: Usually stuffed animals are your soft, cuddly friends.

Item of Confusion: Until they turn mutinous on you and try to bury you alive.
Have a wonderful weekend, peeps.

Mom's in town--that means date night, Anthro runs, a deep-tissue massage, and catching up on 30 Rock. We already did an American Idol marathon last night--and are belatedly devastated that Casey's gone. First Pia, and now this?! I know. I know. SO last week.

Well, We've given up on America. Or at least its Idol. Let's hope Anthro and Tina Fey can mend our broken hearts.


  1. Aaaah the pics of Avery getting buried under animals is gruesome and cute at the same time! What a paradox! Only babies can pull that stuff off.

  2. I have been lurking on your blog for a while, and can I just say that you are completely hilarious. Like laugh out loud funny-- if you are not a writer IRL, you should consider it. Your baby is totally gorg!


  3. Statement of Fact: Avery is too cute!

  4. Thank you, thank you!
    Kat--Gruesome and Cute. That's us, alright.
    Leslie--I am going to enlarge and frame that comment. I sure wish I were a writer. Thank you for lurking.