Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

I woke up luxuriously late this morning to a bed with no husband and no squawking baby.

Baby was on a walk with Grammy (my mom). Apparently, Husband had scurried off to the florist and to stand in line with dozens of other husbands at Trader Joe's for groceries (he said it was like Christmas morning, with a mad, frantic rush once the doors opened at 8 am).

He then proceeded to assemble a scrumptious, festive brunch for mom and me.

Then came my favorite part of every special event--reading the card, with its sweet, sentimental, thoughtful message penned in his bold, neat script.

And the inevitable cartoon of us which he draws on every card.

Me and my braces, with neater bangs than are true. Him with his thick eyebrows, square jaw, and mole. And now with our baby, mouth happily agape and tightly wrapped in a swaddle.

What a wonderful picture.

A warm and lovely Mother's Day to all--present and future mothers alike. And many more to come.

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